Young musicians win piano in Frenship

Five Frenship-area music students were stunned Thursday afternoon to find themselves in possession of a new piano.

The Thornton children, Karli, 17, Kaci, 15, Kaleb, 14, Kenzi, 12, and Kanan, 9, were surprised at their own home by men toting a piano from a trailer and into their living room.

Although their aunt knew they would be receiving a piano, even their parents, Brad and Kendra Thornton, did not expect the delivery.

The Thorntons already have a piano, but one of the “F” keys sticks and has been irreparable.

Karli was the official winner of the piano. She has been playing a dozen years, but her parents said that “F” key did give her and her siblings fits.

Brad Thornton said he wasn’t sure if the family would get rid of the older piano because the new one had arrived so suddenly.

“We haven’t even talked about it,” he said. “It might be that we have one in the basement and one up here.”

Thornton said his children are generally lined up waiting for a turn on the piano in the living room. All five children are homeschooled.

The piano was given away by the Lubbock Piano Gallery. David Melton said this is the second year the business has given away a piano, using suggestions from local piano teachers.

This year, music teacher Linda King suggested that Karli could use a new piano.

When Melton learned that each of the five Thornton children had a first name beginning in “K,” he decided they would receive a Kawai piano.

The piano also came with a two-year service agreement provided by St. Matthew United Methodist Church. The pastor of the church, Rev. Rob Lindley, came to the Thornton house to see the surprise delivery and led the family in prayer in their living room.

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