Wolfforth Harvest Queen Brooke Boston dreamed of being crowned

Brooke Boston has dreamed about being the Harvest Festival queen since she moved to Wolfforth in 2001.

Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture officials put a tiara on her head on Saturday, choosing her from 10 other senior girls to be the Harvest Queen at the Harvest Festival in Patterson Park.

“When I was standing up there, and after they called the runner-up’s name, I thought, well, I’m not going to get this,” Brooke said on Sunday.

She said she couldn’t believe it when her name was called, and she wasn’t sure what to do.

“My legs were shaking,” she said. “It was really cool to be chosen.”

Brooke and the other candidates rode on the Wolfforth Fire Department’s antique fire engine during the parade from People’s Bank Stadium to Patterson Park on Saturday morning.

But Brooke said that wasn’t her first time to be in the Harvest Festival parade. Over the years, she was on a Wolfforth United Methodist Church float and also participated with the Girl Scouts — she was a member for 11 years.

Every year, she has attended the Harvest Festival, she said.

“I like how you can see people in the community participate in the parade, and also those who come to support,” Brooke said.

Being Harvest Queen was fun, she said. Her family, including parents Terri and Steven Boston and sister Stephanie, kidded her by calling her “Your Highness” all day.

“It was really cool, because even like walking to the car, people would say congratulations,” Brooke said.

Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture President Terri Robinette said the chamber has an impartial panel select the queen, but she said she knows Brooke from church.

“She’s involved in activities at her church, at school. She gets out and volunteers,” Robinette said. “She likes volunteering and is a go-getter.”

Robinette said all of the candidates were very involved and are good representatives of their school and community.

Brooke is applying to several schools, including the University of Arizona, Texas Tech and the University of Kentucky.

“I want to go to pharmacy school, so I’m trying to find the best school for pharmacy,” she said.

Brooke said she wants to become a pharmacist because she saw her cousin go to pharmacy school, and because she went on a mission trip to Haiti in June of 2011. Seeing how much medicine is needed in other parts of the world inspired her, she said, and she wants to travel someday to help others.

“I want to combine missions with the pharmacy and the medicine,” she said, adding that she’s not sure how that will work out. “I’m just kind of going with it.”

Taylor Thompson, the youth pastor at Wolfforth United Methodist Church, said she met Brooke on that trip.

“I think that made her aware of how other people need to be cared for,” Thompson said. “She really cares about other people. She can read people easily, and she’s always looking for ways to help others.”

Brooke is involved in National Honor Society, Health Occupation Students of America, Parent Teacher Student Association and the youth group at Wolfforth United Methodist Church.

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