Wolfforth family celebrates Earth Day

A Wolfforth woman and her children celebrated Earth Day by cleaning trash from the Patterson Park Lake.

But Holly Taylor said she and her children finished just one side of the lake, and there is more that needs to be done.

“This is something that we do every once in a while,” Taylor said. “That day, we decided to pick up a little more. It was quite a bit.”

In the lake, they found metal screens that appeared to have come off an air-conditioning unit, paint buckets and other trash.

They found a dead dog decomposing about 40 feet from the lake.

While her 5-year-old twin sons, Mitchell and Alex, had fun trying to fish things from the water, Taylor said her 9-year-old daughter, Morgan, was upset over the trash.

“She thought it was sad. She saw the ducks, them having to wade through the trash, it was upsetting,” said Taylor.

Taylor said if there was a group that met once or twice a month on weekends to clean the park, she and her brood would like to participate.

Debbie Youngblood, city secretary of Wolfforth, said the city has a contractor who keeps the grass mowed, and the city maintenance crews clean up the park.

But during the windy season, cleaning up the park is an exercise in futility.

“It’s a total waste of effort,” said Youngblood. “After the wind quits blowing so bad, the guys will go down and pick it up.”

Youngblood said there are some things people can see in the lake that might appear to be junk, but are not. Concrete culverts at the bottom of the lake are there for the fish stocked by the state.

“The lake right now is the lowest it’s been in I don’t know how long,” said Youngblood. “You might start seeing the top edges of some things that were put there deliberately.”

But as for the dead dog in the park, Youngblood said the city would make sure such things are immediately removed, if it is notified.

Occasionally churches or businesses try to clean up the park or take on projects there.

A year ago, Xcel Energy had a work day in the park for its employees, who picked up trash, painted picnic tables and installed benches.

This year, the stake of Lubbock of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints plans a project while in the park for the kickoff for the Summer of Sharing, when they will run to raise food for the local food bank. That event is scheduled for May 28 from 9 until 11 a.m.

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