Wolfforth couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

“We married at 16 and 19, and everyone said it wouldn’t last.”
Dorothy Hall said she and her husband, Carl, will celebrate 70 years of marriage on Dec. 2, but people still ask them if they believe their marriage will survive.
“We’re still wondering if it will last,” she said.
Carl said it’s amazing that they made it to their 70th anniversary.
“I figured 60” would be it, he said.
Dorothy grew up in Cotton Center and Hale Center. Carl grew up in Earth, but came to Cotton Center to visit relatives. On one of those visits, they met.
“I did not like him,” said Dorothy. “He said a tacky word in the crowd.”
Asked what the word was, she laughed and said he had used the expression “pregnant with meaning.” She did not want to hear the word pregnant in those days.
Apparently she forgave him. When his parents moved to Arkansas, he stayed behind and the couple married in Muleshoe, then moved into his family home in Earth after a honeymoon in Arkansas.
The couple mostly remained in West Texas until 1960. Carl left Texas to do a short stint as a medic in the Army that ended three days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was called up to join the Navy a year before World War II ended, and laid metal tiles in Alaska on the runways upon which large bombers could land.
When Carl was 54, doctors told him the dust and smoking had damaged his heart. The family moved to Bacaville, Calif., where he worked as a carpenter for 17 years, and after many smoke-free years, the damage to his heart was declared repaired.
They moved to Missouri for eight years, where the family ranched, until Dorothy heard from a daughter who had moved to Wolfforth about a house in the area. She came back to Texas and bought the house, and the couple has lived in the area for the past 24 years. Several of their children now live nearby.
The Halls have six children, 16 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
Their children include Shirley Gilmore, Ronnie Hall, Nancy Burkhart and Lisa Nall, all of Wolfforth, and Garland Hall, of Woodland, Calif., and Lori Kelley, of South Coast Mesa, Calif.
“We have no claim to fame other than these six kids,” said Dorothy.
Both of the Halls have had health problems through the years, but at 86, Dorothy said she feels like God has allowed her to stay in order to help her children.
“We hold hands all the time. I think that’s for stability; we both have problems getting around good,” she said. “But our blessings are so much, we can’t complain.”
Dorothy stays active as a quilter, and together, the couple attends Trinity Church in Lubbock.
The couple will celebrate their anniversary with a reception at Trinity Church this weekend.

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