Wolfforth Council delays vote on water treatment

Wolfforth council members did not vote to build a water treatment center Monday night.

Councilman Randy Gross told the council a proposal from Blaus Wasser has caused some delay.

Gross said Vince Viaille, the city’s financial representative, wants to look into the Blaus Wasser proposal to finance the construction of a water treatment center for the city.

Gross said Viaille is amazed by Blaus Wasser’s ability to not have a minimum purchase amount for the city to purchase water from the company. Viaille is scheduled to meet with Blaus Wasser to review the numbers, he said.

“If they (the numbers) pan out, Vince is going to recommend that they become part of our program,” Gross said.

“He will look after us,” City Secretary Debbie Perkey said of Viaille.

Michael Adams, with OJD Engineering — the firm that provides engineering services to Wolfforth — said everything is ready for the delivery of a test electrodialysis reversal water treatment system that is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

“The only thing left is to lay out some water pipes for the sewer for it to run off,” Wolfforth Public Works Director Doug Hutcheson said of the prep work for the EDR test.

Hutcheson said the city might need to build a wooden lean-to for the storage of some items for the EDR. He said company officials are worried it could rain on the items, but the council laughed at the idea of rain in drought-stricken West Texas. Mayor Charles Addington offered to personally pick up the EDR if it will bring rain.

Adams said officials from General Electric will train the city on how to run the test unit.

Council members did not vote on the water treatment center, but they did vote to suspend an Xcel Energy rate increase for 90 days and to approve the October financial report for Wolfforth.

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