Wolfforth celebrates nation’s independence with fireworks in Patterson Park

For the first time in three years, Wolfforth’s efforts to blow things up in celebration of the nation’s independence were successful.

The city of Wolfforth’s last fireworks show was in 2009. In the following two years, the fireworks display by the Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department were canceled, first because of too much rain, and later because of not enough.

On July 4, it may have appeared to a few that the fireworks would not happen. High winds and threatening dark clouds during the early evening made it seem possible that the whole effort could be called off again.

The winds died down and the rain never materialized, a common enough occurrence in West Texas.

Following the fireworks, Mayor Charles Addington said Wolfforth police reported more than 1,000 carloads of people showed up to watch the fireworks in Patterson Park.

Although one firework apparently went sideways and set off a few others, Addington, who is also Wolfforth’s fire chief, said no one was injured.

Out on the Patterson Park grounds, the crowd watched from blankets and lawn chairs, with a few even viewing the show from the swings.

Young people in the park said they enjoyed the fireworks.

“They were awesome,” said Max Abshier.

His friend Brandon Harris said, “They were amazing. They made me smile.”

Donna Grissom, who was in the park with her family from Levelland, said her tribe enjoyed the fireworks “tremendously.”

Grissom expressed some concern over the horizontally aimed firework visible to the crowd.

“I just hope it was safe when everything went haywire,” she said.

But she said she was very glad the fireworks show got off the ground.

“We were driving over here and we didn’t know if they were going to do them,” Grissom said, referring to the weather.

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