What is ice pigging?

Wolfforth City Manager Darrell Newsom told residents at the town hall meeting on water last night that the city is considering a European method of cleaning pipes in some city neighborhoods. It’s called ice pigging.

Here’s a website explaining a little bit of what ice pigging is. There is a link near the bottom of that page that takes you to a video about the process.

But here it is in blonde terms: Basically, the city of Wolfforth wants to get a company to come out with a huge ice snowcone machine and run slushy ice through the city pipes.

Okay, that may not be completely accurate. But if you watch the video, you’ll see, they run icey slush through the pipelines. The “ew” factor can be seen in the pictures of what the water looks like as they do this. At first, the water from the pipes appears relatively clear. But as the slushy stuff continues through the system, the water starts turning brown — gross! It looks more like the out-pipes from your house than the in-pipes.

Eventually, the ice cleans the lines to a point where the water again runs clear, and the lines are cleaned.

Watch the video on that website if you’re unclear on the process.

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