Villa of Wolfforth cooks meals for seniors

Kay CongerWhen Steve Komarek, president of Wolfforth Meals on Wheels, approached Kay Conger, executive director of the Villa of Wolfforth, about preparing extra meals to help out with the organization, she didn’t hesitate.

“It was pretty simple,” she said. “We just add some extra beans to the pot on those days.”

Three months ago, Conger and the Villa staff began to cook extra meals to be picked up for delivery by Meals on Wheels volunteers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Villa is an assisted living community that provides assistance to residents who are mentally or physically disabled.

Komarek said they had been looking for a more permanent solution to the problem of getting the meals prepared since Joanne’s restaurant closed a few months ago.

“We used to get our meals from the Lubbock Meals on Wheels, but that got really complicated,” said Komarek. “Then Joanna’s restaurant cooked them for three years, but when they had to close down we were scrambling to find a replacement.”

Komarek said they worked for a while with Sonic, Henry J’s and even thought about a partnership with Frenship Independent School District. But it was another one of his officers who presented him with the idea of the Villa.

“I don’t remember who came up with it,” said Komarek. “But it was a darn good idea.”

While some of the previous places were required to charge the organization for preparing the meals, Komarek liked the idea of the Villa because they offered an alternative.

“Kay talked to their corporate office and they decided that they wouldn’t charge us,” Komarek said. “We provide them with the packaging material, but that’s about it.”

Komarek said the idea of the Villa just made sense.

“They are already used to preparing food for the elderly, so we don’t have to worry about anything going wrong,” he said. “They cook three meals a day all year long, and we never have to worry about them closing for a holiday or forgetting about a meal.”

Conger said she sees this as a way to help out the community.  “Well it’s an outreach to the community,” said Conger. “These people need help, and that’s what we’re here for.”

With three houses to prepare the cooking, Conger said it worked out perfectly.

“Since we have three houses, one house will cook the food Monday, one will cook Wednesday and on Fridays another house will cook,” said Conger.

Komarek said he is very pleased with how the partnership has been working out.

“Its just been working out beautifully,” he said. “We sent them a letter of appreciation, and we just think they deserve a huge pat on the back.”

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