Vanderburg promoted to chief of operations at bank

Troy Vanderburg

Troy Vanderburg, senior vice president of Peoples Bank, was recently promoted to chief operations officer. At the bank, he oversees the workings of the bank, including new accounts, technology and purchasing insurance. After moving away from Lubbock twice, Vanderburg, who used to work as chief financial officer for Frenship Independent School District, learned that in West Texas, there’s no place like home.

When did you come to Lubbock?

“I got my undergraduate degree at Tech, graduated in December of 1991. I went to Texas A&M, got my masters degree in December of 1993. Then I went to work at Coldwell Banker in their commercial real estate division. I was there for two years. Then I took my first school business job in Spearman. It was neat when I got that job. A friend of mine thought I would really like school business. He said, ‘I only know of one opening right now and you wouldn’t be interested in it.’ I said, ‘Where is it?’ He said, ‘Spearman,’ Well, both my parents grew up there and four of my grandparents were alive at the time and living there, so that worked out really, really neatly. I was business manager at Spearman schools two years and then moved from there to Frenship. So we moved away from Lubbock twice, moved back the third time and we’re here to stay. We found out Lubbock had really become home when we moved away from it last time. Moving away from Frenship, sometimes when you get away from something you realize how good it is.”

Troy Vanderburg

Born in: Dalhart, Texas
Former occupation: chief financial officer, Frenship Independent School District
Family: Wife, Rhonda, three children, Jack, Annie and Lillie
Church attended: Indiana Avenue Baptist Church
Other affiliations: Frenship Foundation Board of Directors, Appointments Advisory Board for Lubbock

How long did you work for Frenship Independent School District?

“I was at Frenship from 1997 to 2001 as chief financial officer. We moved away from Lubbock for three years to Perryton, where I served in the same capacity as chief financial officer. Then I had an opportunity to move back to Lubbock and change careers and work with some people that I really know and like, so I just took that opportunity to come back.”

How long have you been with Peoples Bank?

“I’ve been with Peoples Bank for four years. I served as chief financial officer for two years and the last two years I’ve been on the operations side.”

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