Two Frenship grads release apps for iPhone, iPad

Two Frenship High School graduates are hardly surprised to find themselves working on cutting-edge technology before some of their peers have even managed to graduate from college.

Drew Wyatt and Dalton Claybrook, graduates of the class of 2008, have just released their second iPhone and iPad application through the Apple App Store via their company, Claybrook Software LLC.

The two Frenship grads first released a free application just to try out the process of releasing an application after registering their business with the state last fall.

Named Crazy Kitties, the free application wasn’t intended to raise large amounts of money.

Featuring lots of pictures of felines that made sounds when you touched them, it is really different from the application the duo released on Valentine’s Day, Touch Colors.

The new application is usable by anyone who needs to match colors to RGB, hexidecimal, HSB or CMYK computer codes. On an iPhone, a user can even take a picture of the color that needs matching and use an eyedropper tool on the photo to figure out what the computer code for the color should be.

Reaction to the new app has been positive, Wyatt said.

“Everyone that we’ve talked to has had a positive response,” said Wyatt. “We have had people who have said, this is genuinely useful.”

Claybrook said he has been “playing” with the Apple software developer kit since a few months after the company released it, and he said it is very easy to develop new applications with it.

The hard part, he said, is jumping through Apple’s hoops to submit an application.

Both men said submitting the free application first helped them to learn how it should be done in the future.

Claybrook said he is not surprised to find that they are able to write software that is useful.

“I always hoped that I’d be at least writing software, usable software, by this point in my life,” said Claybrook.

The duo said they have a lot of ideas for future projects, but will be working on putting out a stripped-down version of Touch Colors for free in the next week or two.

“As soon as that’s ready to go, we’ll submit it. And then, we’ll start working on something new,” Claybrook said.

One thing he is interested in is creating an information portal for local bands to use.

The two former Frenship students gave credit to marketing classes they took at FHS, where they went all the way to international competition in the DECA club.

“DECA did sort of prepare us for what we’re doing,” said Wyatt.

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