Trigits fixes broken devices

phone casesWEBTechnology today is way more fragile than it ever has been. You may remember saving a cell phone ten years ago from hitting the tile because you didn’t want to break the tile. Now you drop your phone three feet onto carpet and pray the screen has not shattered. Trigits Device Repair can fix any smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer you need fixed, and not just broken screens. They fix internal problems as well and are one of the few places in Lubbock that uses micro-soldering to fix small internal issues that cause short-circuit and ruined connections. Trigits even has plans to start fixing gaming consoles soon. This will make Trigits the most comprehensive repair place for all your technology needs.

Trigits is a local business started in Amarillo. They have added a branch to Lubbock, locally ran and operated by three young repair experts. Emory Newkirk, Chief Marketing Officer for the LLC in Lubbock, says Lubbock was the perfect place to expand to. “We came to Lubbock to be servants to this area and help others through our service,” Emory said. Part of serving this community is offering inexpensive repairs but at high quality. They even offer a price match, where they will match any advertised price for a repair if you bring it to Trigits instead. They offer a ten percent student discount for any student elementary level all the way through college. It’s professional care like this that sets Trigits apart from the competition.

If you have no use for your old phone or tablet, sell it to Trigits and pocket some extra cash. They buy any smartphone or tablet, refurbish them and sell them back in store. Check Trigits first for used phones and tablets before you head to an expensive phone carrier or electronics store. Trigits also sells phone cases to keep your phone stylish and safe at the same time, including OtterBox cases for your heavy duty needs.

What really sets Trigits apart is their age. Their technicians are young and experienced with phone and tablet technology. They began technology repair on smartphones and tablets and understand the latest technology and solutions for repairing the most advanced handhelds. The older technology gets, the easier it is to repair because the parts are less advanced and easier to work with. This sets Trigits miles ahead of technicians that had to learn smartphones and tablets after they had already learned repairs.

Phones are crucial to communicate and function in today’s world. They provide us with quick access to the internet, email, a camera, and many other functions that we need on the job or at home. Trigits understands this need and does repairs in store typically within the hour. Go for a walk, run a few errands, or sit down on their couches and watch Netflix on their TV while you wait. Trigits will fix anything from screens and bent frames to internal issues. If the rain was an issue for you this past week, your phone or tablet might have accidentally taken a swim. Don’t count it as ruined because Trigits has a water damage treatment option that can save your device.

No matter what the damage or device is, bring it to Trigits Device Repair first. Call them at (806) 701-5125 or stop by at 5152 69th St in Lubbock.


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