Tech student starts photography business

Linda Schilberg is a student at Texas Tech University and lives in the Frenship community. She has started her own photography company. (Photo provided by Linda Schilberg)

Some college students sell plasma. Others start their own businesses.

Linda Schilberg falls into the second category. As a photocommunications major at Texas Tech, she initially wanted a career in action photography, but after an internship with Kristin Bednarz Photography last spring, her aspirations changed.

“I really got into the portion of wedding photography,” said Schilberg. Now she is plying her photography skills to sorority girls, engaged couples and others.

“Most of my work has been of friends who have gotten engaged, portraits and senior portraits,” she said.

Getting to know people during a photography session is the reason Schilberg is starting her own photography business.

“I think definitely God has given me a passion to connect with people, and get to know them on a personal level,” said Schilberg. “I love just hanging out with people and talking to them and making them feel absolutely comfortable in front of my camera.”

The majority of Schilberg’s work has been created in and around Lubbock. As a fan of natural lighting, she takes her Pentax K10D and heads out around the area to find natural and manmade backdrops, and aims to shoot in the late afternoons.

“I prefer natural light. We’ll go out starting around six in the evening. That’s when you get that really golden, crisp light that looks perfect on people’s skin,” said Schilberg. “I’m always on the lookout for new locations and new places to put people in front of or photograph around.”

Schilberg uploads the photos later from her digital camera and picks the best photos, then uses Adobe Photoshop and Totally Rad Photoshop actions to edit.

Schilberg is a native of Cypress, a suburb of Houston. After graduation in fall 2009, she hopes to move to the Dallas area and continue a career in photography.

To view Schilberg’s pictures, check out her blog at or add her on Facebook.

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