Tech AD: Leaders know when to get help

Kirby Hocutt, Texas Tech’s athletic director, told Frenship students Monday that leadership is the ability to influence others to do the right thing.

Gifted and talented students from Frenship Independent School District’s elementary and middle schools met at the GT Leadership Summit at Casey Administration Building to hear Hocutt. They also took part in a variety of activities from reviewing table manners to learning about developing personalities to taking part in team-building exercises such as building structures from dry spaghetti and marshmallows.

At a luncheon in the early afternoon, Superintendent David Vroonland addressed the students.

“You guys are expected to be leaders,” he said. “We expect leadership out of you.”

Vroonland told the students never to take their natural talent for granted, but he said students should remember that it usually takes 10,000 hours of time put into an activity before one can be considered an expert.

Hocutt told the students it is an honor and a privilege to be a leader.

“To be a leader, you must continue to learn and to listen,” he said.

Hocutt told the students he believes there are four necessary attributes of leaders: Character, confidence, attitude and teamwork.

Leaders need to acknowledge that they need help and cannot do everything by themselves, he said.

Students quizzed Hocutt after his speech, but all of their questions pertained to Texas Tech athletics.

One student asked if he would miss quarterback Seth Doege, also a Frenship High School graduate. Hocutt said he would.

Another student asked what is Hocutt’s favorite sport. “I like all of our 17 teams the same,” he said.

But Hocutt did have a prediction to make for the gifted students — a 38-17 win by Tech over Baylor this weekend.

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