Tas Montessori School summer reading programs

Tas Pic4webTas Montessori School is enrolling now for summer programs for children entering kindergarten through 4th grade

TMS Montessori reading program will focus on three essential components; a strong foundation in phonics, comprehension based on visualization and whole language or learning to read for meaning and using context clues.

Developmentally appropriate reading logo2activities allow children to build their own understanding of how sounds are represented by symbols and these symbols are joined together to form words. When children have learned the phonetic sounds, they are ready to begin word building with the movable alphabet. Visualization is an essential component of the grammar activities where an understanding of the function of words is developed through the use of Montessori manipulative activities. Working with these activities gives children further practice in reading and comprehension through visualization. There will be also many reading activities related to science, geography, history and many other topics of special interest as well as further experimental grammar activities, which the children will greatly enjoy.

“The Montessori approach is designed to help the children build within themselves the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning”, explains Tasleem H. Mirza, certified Montessori Directress and owner of Tas’ Montessori School. With over 30 years of teaching experience in Montessori environments throughout various countries. “The goal is to provide a solid foundation upon which the child can reach his or her fullest in all areas of life.”
Montessori focuses on the needs, order, construction, self-reliance and independence of the child using materials specifically designed to allow a child to discover his or her own error through further manipulation of self-correcting material under the direction of the trained Montessori teacher.

The classroom is characterized by a prepared environment and is divided into the five different areas: practical life, sensorial learning, math, language and geography/social sciences. The children learn through a detailed circle time where they will focus on all areas including learning sign language.

reading logoPractical life exercise are designed to develop concentration, independence, and sense of order by using exercises such as folding, pouring or sponging water into bowls and working with dressing frames. This area is designed to help the children perform those basic tasks that adults perform.  Sensorial exercises focus on developing their perception of the dimension of colors as well as developing their tactile and auditory sense by using Montessori materials. In the area of math, the children who graduate will have masters the four groups— addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The transitionof Tas Montessori School graduates students to private and public schools is seamless. Parents report that their children adapt positively to their new school, often times having knowledge that far surpasses the current curriculum at a normal school which makes them a leader in their classroom. TMS is enrolling now for Summer and Fall of 2015. For more information call (806) 783-0054 or e-mail tasmontessori@yahoo.com


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