St. Luke’s hosts “Faith on Trial”

“Faith on Trial,” the second annual summer series for St. Luke’s Lubbock United Methodist, began last Sunday at the central campus on 45th Street and Memphis Avenue. Dr. Will Cotton, pastor, said he hopes the series will challenge the congregation to think and give them a humorous break for the summer time.

“Last year we decided that summer time, since it’s a time when a lot of people travel, we wanted to change the pace from what is regular,” he said. Then we started to bounce ideas arounf according to some of the things that we would like to talk about. It’s just been kind of a plan.”

Cotton said the series features a courtroom setting discussing issues that are relevant to the church today.

“‘Faith on Trial’ is going to be a creative way to handle some of the sticky controversial issues that we face in our day and time,” said Cotton. “We’re living in a global world where everything is coming closer.”

The series includes different congregation members playing the roles of judges, lawyers, witnesses and bailiffs. Cotton said members often interchange between the southwest and central campuses, and members from both campuses are invited to attend.

“This will push some edges about the courtroom dialogue when we go ahead and open up the criticism to say what they are,” he said. “People will be free to say some things that they wouldn’t say otherwise. Things that are being said in the world, but we aren’t saying inside the church like we should as far as the issues go.”

Last Sunday’s topic titled, “No Other Name? Witnessing for Christ with People of Other Religions” covered the topic of the wide range of religions found in the world today, said Cotton.

“Well now that’s in our back door, the people we go to school with, the people in hospitals that we know. We’re a lot more mixed in our religions than we think we are,” he said.

Last summer was the first year for St. Luke’s summer series.

“It’s summer so you have to change things up a bit,” said Cotton. “Last year we were at a baseball park. We did ‘The Gospel According to Baseball,’ but this year we’re taking them to court. It’s a way to bring some issues that really affect all of us and questions that we have about our faith and things we struggle with but to give it a creative look.”

Other topics include, “Why Did God Let This Happen? Keeping Faith When Bad Things Happen” and “Who’s Truth? Bringing Christian Faith into Conversation with Science, History, Business and Philosophy.”

“I hope they’ll come away from these thinking about the issues,” said Cotton. “Not everything they here in these sermons are they going to agree with, this is going to push the people who come every Sunday thinking, ‘I just want to hear what I’ve heard before.’ This will not be that.”

The series will continue until Aug. 17 and is held every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
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