Snow seems unlikely, but I’m still dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’

I was interviewing students at Frenship High School on Monday about the ‘White Christmas’ musical they are rehearsing for, and I also got to speak with Drew Weesner, who is directing the show.

“When I was little, I remember the first time that I went to a show with my grandparents. And we went and saw ‘Cinderella.’ And it was phenomenal. I loved it, I fell in love with it. And after that, it became a yearly tradition.

“And I just remember getting all dressed up and going to eat and going to the theater with my grandparents and my family, just those happy times that I had.”

Weesner said he enjoyed being together as a family and talking about the show afterward. He wants kids in the Frenship area to grow up seeing a musical each year and having his same happy memories.

I really know what he’s talking about.

Last fall, I dressed my little girl in a long yellow dress and loaded her into the car, not telling her where we were going. When we arrived at Frenship High School to watch the show in the little theater, I finally had to tell her what was going on, because her excitement could not be contained. (Can you imagine if she charged the stage, demanding that the actors tell her what was happening?)

The musical was just magical for me and my kiddo. For a whole two weeks, she changed her favorite Disney Princess to Belle. Two weeks for a four-year-old is quite a while.

One of the best parts was getting to meet the actors in costume out in the lobby after the show. I thought at any moment, the kiddo would just burst into tears from being so overwhelmed at the awesomeness of having Belle pose for pictures with her.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s musical in the new Frenship Performing Arts Center. There will be a lot more room to stretch out and enjoy the show.

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