Shadow Hills Baptist Church to provide holiday meals for 10 families

Shadow Hills Baptist Church, one of several Lubbock area host sites for Angel Food Ministries, is working to get meal boxes together for 10 Frenship-area families over the holidays.

Randy Rogers, pastor of Shadow Hills, said the church already offers some weekly boxes to its members who are in need, as well as a few people who the church members know of that are particularly in need.

But this year, they are trying to expand to providing Christmas and Thanksgiving meals for at least 10 additional families.

“Our goal as a church is 10 families,” said Rogers. “I think we can do more than 10.”

But the church would like other people to feel free to donate, even if they are not affiliated with the church.

“We hope to encourage others in the community that don’t have to be religiously involved with our church,” said Rogers.

The church is focusing on families in its own area — it is located at 5911 Fourth St.

“We know that Frenship may be a little better off” than other parts of Lubbock, Rogers said. But at the same time, he said some Frenship households are living in poverty and have less access to aid because of the misconception that no one in Frenship is poor.

“Some of these folks just don’t get thought of,” said Rogers.

Through Angel Food Ministries, the church is trying to address the problem. Ideally, they would like to help more families, but the holiday ministry is a launching pad.

The program does not require proof of need.

“It really is a food coop. We’re purchasing from the wholesalers,” said Cheryl Blasingame, the coordinator of the Angel Food Ministry at Shadow Hills Baptist Church. The church currently handles about 30 orders per month.

Anyone can order, but anyone can also order and donate boxes of food anonymously to a family in need, she said.

For $30, a box filled with food for a week for a family of four can be purchased. But there are also bigger boxes available for larger families, as well as boxes of after-school snacks like small pizzas for kids, steak packs and fish packs. Menus are available at

For more information about donating to the Shadow Hills effort, call the church at 806-792-4438.

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