Season of Success: Frenship girls golf teams do well at all levels

A year after winning the district title, the Frenship High School girls varsity golf team impressed at the Diamondback Golf Club and brought back another District 2-6A championship title.

“Our confidence is high right now. We are playing well and the kids are working hard and have a great attitude,” Tigers coach Roger Whipkey said. “We spend a lot of hours on the golf course and hopefully we can keep this momentum heading into regionals.”

From left to right: Steffanie Roldan, Alyssa Hamilton, Kaytlin Raney, Haley Vargas and Kaitlyn Gossett. (Provided by FISD.)

From left to right: Steffanie Roldan, Alyssa Hamilton, Kaytlin Raney, Haley Vargas and Kaitlyn Gossett.
(Provided by FISD.)

In the last five seasons, Frenship has come home with a district title four times — which has become an instrumental building block for the Tigers’ program.

At the 2017 district meet, sophomore Haley Vargas won the individual title by eight strokes and helped lead Frenship to the championship. Frenship shot rounds of 328 and 331 and beat Odessa Permian by 16 strokes.

Vargas shot rounds of 69 and 67 for a total of 138.

Alysaa Hamilton and Kaytlin Raney also finished in the top 10 and earned all-district honors. Other members of the winning squad include: Steffani Roldan and Kaitlyn Gossett.

“It felt really good. We had a lot of tough competition this year, so, we were excited,” Raney said. “A couple years ago we fell short so it was exciting to get it my senior year.”

Vargas added: “It was great for the girls because they realized we can do this. At regionals we will have some more competition and I think it built some momentum.”

Whipkey commended his team for its performance on the road last week.

“I think this is the best team I have ever coached, certainly the smartest in golf knowledge,” Whipkey said. “I think our kids might have out-thought the competition.”

To come out on top, Frenship had to best Tascosa, Midland, Midland Lee, Odessa, Permian and San Angelo Central in its newly realigned district.

“It’s always special,” Whipkey said of the victory. “This one seemed really special with the new district. It is a tough district with a lot of good teams in it. So, this one was really special.”

The Tigers’ next stop: The Class 6A regional golf tournament. The competition is scheduled for April 24-25 at Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington.

The Frenship girls golf program’s success this season doesn’t end at the high school level, though.

At Heritage Middle School, the Tigers have impressed in their competitions. Teammates Lainey Cristan, Kelsey Roberson, Addison Castro, Jordan Hart, Natalie Brumley and Cambrie Ancell have shot their way to three consecutive tournament wins this season.

From left to right: Lainey Cristan, Kelsey Roberson, Addison Castro, Jordan Hart and Natalie Brumley. Not pictured: Cambrie Ancell. (Provided by FISD.)

From left to right: Lainey Cristan, Kelsey Roberson, Addison Castro, Jordan Hart and Natalie Brumley. Not pictured: Cambrie Ancell.
(Provided by FISD.)

“There is a lot of good young kids coming up through our middle schools. Hopefully the success we’ve had at the high school has inspired them,” Whipkey said. “I am really excited for the future of Frenship girls golf.”


Final Results

at Diamondback Golf Club, Abilene

Team totals: 1. Frenship, 328-331—659; 2. Odessa Permian, 335-340—675; 3. Midland Lee, 336-358—694; 4. Odessa High, 356-343—699; 5. Midland High, 353-358—711; 6. Frenship II, 358-373—731; 7. Amarillo Tascosa, 380-387—767; 8. Amarillo Tascosa II, 417-416—833; 9. Odessa Permian II, 427-437—864; 10. San Angelo Central, 442-437—879.

Medalist: 1. Haley Vargas, Frenship, 69-67—136; 2. Rebecca Reed, Midland Lee, 72-72—144; 3. Faith DeLaGarza, Midland High, 73-74—147; 4. Briana Venegas, Odessa Permian, 72-76—148; 5. Hailey Cernoch, Odessa High, 80-77—157; 6. Emily Serrano, Odessa Permian, 80-84—164; 7. Mikayla Childers, Midland High, 81-85—166; 8. Chloe Bice, Midland Lee, 167; 9. Alyssa Hamilton, Frenship, 86-88—174; 10. Kaytlin Raney, Frenship, 86-89—175.

Tascosa I: Mikayla Flores, 89-96—185; Jenny Vongkaysome, 94-93—186; Kailinn Amphay, 99-94—193; Gabrielle Rosas, 98-108—206;Aspen Bounsing, 105-104—209.

Tascosa II: Hailey Ross, 102-99—201; Berkley Bruckner, 97-110—207; Vaneesha Patel, 107-101—208; Anna Champlin, 111-106—217;Myles Meyring, 129-132—261.

San Angelo Central: Karleigh Rivas, 97-95—192; Paige Harris, 102-105—207; Hallie Walker, 108-110—218; Avery Rios, 135-127—262.

Other Frenship participants: Kaitlyn Gossett, 87-92—179; Steffanie Roldan, 94-87—181.

Frenship II: Hallie Oden, 85-93—178; Loren Abernathy, 89-92—181; Chase Ford, 92-90—182; Brooklyn Nix, 92-98—190; Avery Kernal,120-130—250.

Midland High: Averee Curlee, 98-100—198; 101-99—200.

Midland Lee: Laura Werner 91-97—188; Kristyn Anderson, 93-102—195; Rachel Hulder, 95-104—199.

Odessa High: Aumbree Cox, 89-88—177; Iris Ramirez, 94-87—181; Caitlyn Thomas, 93-91—184; Trinity Rayos, 108-100—208.

Odessa Permian I: Kristen Parson, 94-86—180; Adrianna Hernandez, 89-94—183; Marina Solis, 101-103—204.

Odessa Permian II: Britney Mancha, 100-104—204; Ana-Faith Roman , 107-109—216; Kayla Gonzalez, 108-114—222; Ashlynn Powell,112-110—222; Gabby Ibanez, 121-120—241.

Medalist participants: Summer Curry, Odessa High, 103-107—210; Alena Subia, Odessa High, 104-107—211; Madison Teaff, Frenship,110-113—223; Hallie Davis, Frenship, 127-129—256; Hope Huber, Odessa High, 127-136—263.

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