Rosales named Officer of the Year at Tarrant County

On Feb. 9, Tarrant County College South Campus police officer Juan Rosales suspected something was up during an awards ceremony as he listened to the speaker.

Then he heard his name.

Rosales was named the college’s Officer of the Year at the Fourth Annual Police Awards and Banquet ceremony.

The ceremony occurred during his off-day and Rosales was suspicious because his work schedule changed.

“Whenever they put someone in your spot to work, something’s up,” he said.

Rosales was one of 14 police officers honored at the awards ceremony.

“These individuals have distinguished themselves through achievement in the performance or support of law enforcement activities during the past year,” said Frank Buchanan, Tarrant County College’s police chief.

Rosales, a patrol officer, has worked as a bike officer and undercover to help reduce car burglaries at the college. He thought the award was not for his work for one year, but for several years.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff over the years,” said Rosales.

Rosales enjoys his position as a patrol officer because of the variety of challenges he encounters. “Every day is something new,” he said.

Rosales thought the key to being a good police officer was to be, “People-friendly. Be able to communicate with people. You might get hold of some irate person, but if you are calm and cool, you can cool him down. It’s just people skills.”

Rosales, who worked in Lubbock County as an EMT, a volunteer firefighter and in law enforcement for 23 years, learned about the patrolman’s position at Tarrant County College in 2000 and decided to apply for the job.

He’s been there ever since, developing a reputation as a dependable police officer. Rosales has perfect attendance.

Rosales was among the first group of EMTs in Wolfforth. He served as an EMT and volunteer fireman. He also served as city council member in Wolfforth.

But after 20 years as an EMT, Rosales had an itch to switch his career path. He decided to try law enforcement.

Rosales worked five years in the Lubbock County Jail before moving to North Texas and in the Tarrant County Jail for four years before learning about a patrol officer’s position at Tarrant County College.

“I put in for it and got hired a year later. I’ve been there ever since,” he said.

Rosales said he enjoys the work.

“I like it out here,” he said. “You are dealing with the public all the time, students and faculty. You have people on the streets who are lost. I point them in the right direction. You are interacting with the public all day long. It’s interesting.”

Rosales said he might return to Frenship when he retires, “But not now. I can’t take the pay cut.”

Rosales plans to get married to Carrie Lassiter. He proposed at Christmas and will exchange nuptials in about a week.

Rosales said he just asked Lassiter and she muttered something.

He said, “I didn’t hear her. I told her I’d ask her one more time and she said yes.”

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