Rosales family marshals for Harvest Festival Parade

When the Harvest Festival Parade begins at 9 a.m. Oct. 19 in Wolfforth, it is the Rosales family who will be honored as parade marshals in the event.

Nina Rosales, the matriarch of the family, warned the Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture that the parade could be a bit longer if all of her four children and their families all come. In total, she has 14 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

“I’m thinking about 30” will come to participate in the parade, Rosales said. Being invited to be the parade marshals is an honor, she said.

Rosales is the widow of Jose “Joe” Rosales, who served on the Wolfforth City Council up until a few months before his death in 2012. He also served in several service organizations and in Frenship school parent organizations over the years along with Nina.

The cause that was probably dearest to his heart was the city’s volunteer fire department. He helped establish and served on the Wolfforth Fire Department along with his three sons, Juan Jose, Joe Johnny and Sy.

Nina Rosales said she and her daughter, Sylvia, tagged along to many of the fire calls that Joe Rosales and his sons went on. At one location, she said her sons came running out to her to ask her to move the car. She had parked on the fire hose.

Wolfforth Fire Chief and Mayor Charles Addington said Joe Rosales was a mentor to him when he started on the fire department.

“I had numerous conversations about goals and visions and things that he wanted to see happen, and I try to do my best to always make that the case,” Addington said. “He had numerous leadership positions. It was never about what Wolfforth could do for him, it was about what he could do for Wolfforth.”

Addington said the Rosales family have been valuable citizens of Wolfforth for a long time.

“I have nothing but praise for Joe Rosales and his family,” Addington said.

City Councilman Randy Gross said the Rosales family have been the people that helped make Wolfforth what it is.

Nina Rosales said that while she grew up attending Frenship schools, her husband grew up in Friendship, which is in East Texas. They met at a restaurant in Lubbock when they were in their teens and married after dating about a year and a half.

When Joe and Nina Rosales first married, they worked as farmhands, but after 12 years, they moved into Wolfforth and opened a welding shop.

Councilman James Vardy said Joe and Nina were the pioneers of Wolfforth.

“Joe was always someone I looked up to, with how he started out with just being a farmhand, really, and working up to being a very successful businessman, a great leader in the community,” Vardy said. “He was to me, one of the most outstanding examples of how you can pull yourself up and be very successful.”

Vardy said Nina Rosales worked for him at Casey Elementary School.

“Tremendous worker, always cared about the kids she was responsible for. Their family, all their children, were always very involved in school,” Vardy said.

After 59 years of marriage, Nina Rosales said she still talks to Joe as she goes about each day and kisses his photo. But she also stays busy, working with students at Whiteside Elementary School after school and keeping the family’s properties in order.

She said someone told her that Joe would have liked his family being honored as the parade marshals.

“I told them, ‘Joe does know, because he knows what is going on,’ ” she said.

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