Robinson, Stapp a model brother-sister act

Sometimes Alyssa Stapp, 9, likes to follow in her older brother Justin Robinson’s footsteps.

Last November, she followed 13-year-old Justin on stage in a modeling tryout.

Since then, Justin and Alyssa have spent several months practicing modeling and will go to Dallas later this spring for a series of modeling interviews.

Alyssa and Justin both said the tryout taught them several things about the industry and life in general.

How did you become involved in modeling?

Alyssa: “We heard something about it on the radio. We wanted to do it.”

Have you had modeling classes?

Alyssa: “We learned a lot about doing our monologue. There was a lot of walking around, a lot of pictures and learning how to dress.”

Justin: “The classes I am taking are from Robert Spence. It teaches you how to warm up before a job, how not to get nervous and what to do in an interview; how to sit, how to answer questions.”

What did you have to go through?

Alyssa: “I thought it was fun because we had a good teacher and he taught us fun stuff.”

Justin: “I had to walk on a stage, sing, and pose in front of people for pictures.”

Do you think it’s fun or nerve-wracking?

Justin: “I found out they were a lot like me and easy to get along with. I got to meet some famous people like a super model, some people with Broadway.”

What sort of modeling would you like to do?

Alyssa: “(Television) because all my friends would get to see me.”

Justin: “I’d like to do some picture modeling and a little bit of acting. I just did a play, ‘Hello Dolly.’ I found out that was fun and it helps you with some stuff.”

What was the biggest challenge of getting the job?

Alyssa:  “We got to run the runway, meet the agents and do our monologue, take a photo shoot.”

Justin: “I could not really think straight because I was so nervous because so many people were about to look at you and judge you.”

What do you like about the job?

Alyssa: “The people I have met, so far. I got to meet some famous people.”

Justin: “I’ve actually learned there are people out there and they are just like you. You can’t judge people until you actually experience what they do. You have to go out and try things.”

What would you like to do when you get older?

Alyssa: “The reason I want to model so bad is because I liked the experience of doing it. It was so fun. We get to do so much fun stuff like walking the runway.”

Justin: “I’d like to play football for a college or professional team and model and act. Football is my No. 1 thing to do.”

What is your favorite class in school?

Alyssa: “Math, because it builds self esteem.”

Justin: “If athletics was a class, I’d say that. But it is really more of an elective. I’d have to say reading. I like reading stuff that interests me. I like reading war stories because they are part of our history.”

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