REALLY digging Storify!

Okay, so I have compiled my tweets from the FISD board meeting on Monday evening using something called Storify that a co-worker, James Felts, pointed me toward. That’s probably how you’ll see massive meeting/story updates in this little bloggy space in the near future.

Also, for the first time, I have uploaded videos to this website! We’re really working at the A-J toward becoming a “digital-first” company. That means we’re going to be updating stories and things sooner instead of waiting until it’s already out on paper. It also means we’re going to be taking advantage of the opportunity to do more video… because we can. Yeah.

It’s kind of interesting that Morris Communications is pushing in this direction at this time, because very recently, I had decided to start videoing my kid more instead of just photographing her. I guess I was inspired by Harry Potter books, plus the fact that I have a video camera phone in my pocket most of the time. Why wouldn’t I want to record her child-thoughts for future dating experiences?!? I won’t be sharing those videos here because I’m rapidly turning into a privacy freak. (I know, it’s ironic, right?)

It’s quickly becoming THAT TIME, you know, the hour that I go check out the inside of the new Sam’s out in Frenship. Hopefully I won’t be crushed in the crowd. I just need bottles of water.

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