Q&A with Frenship’s Chandler Casey

01-22 Chandler Casey

Q: How was the Under Armour baseball tournament?
A: It was really amazing. It was a great time down there. A lot of good competition.

Q: Is there anything you took away from the trip or learned that you will apply to the upcoming baseball season?
A: Yeah, just to locate. Key my fastball down in a way. Which location is everything even facing one of the best batters if you can locate it is easy to get them out.

Q: Did you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people?
A: I met a lot of good athletes out there and they gave me their point of view on things. Also, I met a lot of MLB scouts that really helped me see the game at a different angle.

Q: What were some of the things that the scouts talked with you about?
A: They just helped me with everything like pitching-wise, and just to stay smooth and stay balanced. To always play like the next pitch, don’t be so focused on everything just do the little things right.

Q: How was the trip down there?
A: I was nervous and excited, but once I got there and just met all the kids all of them were great teammates and everything. So, after that first game and everything I kind of settled down and it was really fun.

Q: Was the first game nerve-wracking?
A: There were a little nerves.

Q: Did you play in all three games of the tournament?
A: I played in all three games. In the first game, I pitched three innings and in the last two I played in the outfield.

Q: What was your favorite part about the event?
A: Pitching. I just enjoyed going up against the good batters out there and working on my game.

Q: Anything funny happen while you were out there?
A: I guess one funny moment was the kids from up north because it’s just crazy that it’s like negative 20 there and they don’t get to practice outside. Their baseball season is only like a month long. It’s just crazy hearing the stories that they don’t get the opportunities like we do here in Texas.

Q: Switching over to basketball. How were the Tigers able to beat a tough team like Plainview?
A: Just playing our game. We knew they were a good team and we played to our strengths and our abilities. Our coach always has a good plan coming out and we really executed everything correctly.

Q: How were you able to rack up 23 points in the game?
A: Right after I made my first couple of shots I was feeling good and I just kept shooting and they kept falling.

Q: Do you feel like the win serves as a confidence booster for the team heading into district?
A: No doubt that it is a confidence booster because Plainview is a great team and beating them means a lot, but you have to forget everything now. It’s like a whole new season starting district and our district is really good. We are just trying to keep calm and execute our play and hopefully come out with a win.

— Bryan Navarette

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