Pruett develops love for photography

Royce Pruett developed a love of photography from his second wife and, at 70 years old, has embraced digital technology.

“I do a lot of picture taking. I’ve got several thousand pictures on the Internet,” he said.

The subjects of Pruett’s photo albums on are as varied as his life experiences. He has pictures of meetings and events from the Nifty Fifties Car Club, which he joined two years ago, holidays, gas stations and memorial albums for people who have died.

Pruett attended Frenship ISD from the second through the eighth grade. He said the school district was much different than how it is today.

“It’s changed a lot through the years,” he said. “It’s grown.”

Royce Pruett

Age: 70.
Born: Snyder.
Occupation: Helps out at Danny Coleman’s farm.
Hobbies: Photography, Nifty Fifties Car Club member.

Pruett worked several different jobs before joining the Navy, where he served for four years of active service and two years of inactive service.

During his active service, he worked in the engine room below decks on different ships.

“I stood a lot of watches,” he said.

Pruett got married to his second wife, Mittie Lucile, after he got out of the Navy. He was married 22 years before she died.

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