Portillo reunion brings 100 people to town

A Wolfforth resident in a home on Third Street near the Wolfforth Fire Department will soon welcome as many as 25 great-great-grandchildren to a reunion next month at the Wolfforth Community Center.

Originally from Monterey, Mexico, Natalia Portillo, 86, was raised in the San Antonio area. After she married Manuel Portillo, they lived in several places in the South Plains area before settling in Wolfforth in 1964.

Natalia Portillo worked alongside her husband for about four years on janitorial and other duties at Frenship Junior High School. Later, she worked at Covenant for eight years before retiring.

She and her husband had seven children, who went on to have 19 children among them. The number of great-grandchildren was double that, and many great-greats are now being raised.

“It’s doubled like Wolfforth,” joked Georgia Portillo, who married Natalia’s grandson, Chris.

Natalia Portillo also joked about Wolfforth’s growth over the past 48 years.

“Sometimes I don’t know if I’m in Dallas or Wolfforth,” she said.

Most of the Portillos’ children and grandchildren attended Frenship schools. Even now, she has a few great-granchildren in school in Frenship.

She said she really likes the environment of Wolfforth.

“She’s probably one of the ones that have been here the longest,” Georgia Portillo said.

Natalia Portillo said over the years there have been many neighbors she loved in Wolfforth, but many of them have died or left. She said two of her favorites were Mrs. Baker across the street and Mrs. McWhorter next door, where the fire station is now located. McWhorter taught her how to knit, she remembers.

Although many of her relatives still live in the area, many more have scattered out further. Natalia Portillo said she is looking forward to seeing many of them next month at the family reunion.

Chris Portillo said they estimate close to 100 family members will attend the reunion.

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