Pond enjoys D.C. internship

Kendra Pond is living the city life now, but long-term, she expects to live her life as a rural doctor.

Pond, a 2006 graduate of Frenship High School, is currently doing an internship with U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess. Although she’s been in Washington, D.C. just three weeks, she has already seen a lot of sights.

“I was able to go to the inauguration and the Black Tie and Boots Ball,” said Pond. “It was really a life-changing experience, to go from a small community to people everywhere. At one point in time, you were in a crowd you could barely breathe in.”

As a temporary resident of the nation’s capital, she said she is enjoying some aspects of her location.

“It’s really neat to be able to walk to work, to walk to museums and see exhibits,” said Pond. “I’ve never lived in a city, so at least I can say I’ve done that now.”

But the sights haven’t changed what is important to her.

“I kind of like the smaller town atmosphere,” said Pond.

Pond was on schedule to graduate a semester early from Texas Tech University, where she is in her third year as an animal science major, but she decided to pursue an internship and now expects to graduate in spring of 2010.

Although she is pursuing a degree in animal science, she hopes to continue on to medical school and become a doctor. Part of the reason she chose to do an internship is to see how health care is affected by Congress — and Burgess’ experience as a doctor now in Congress appealed to her, she said.

Pond was very active in agriculture and FFA while in high school, and said she is still interested in animals. But she said she intends to continue working on her family’s ranch even after she attends medical school.

“I’m a fifth-generation rancher. I’m going to continue that with my family,” she said.

As an intern in Burgess’ office, Pond said she deals with constituents frequently, and enters their concerns into a database under categories. She also gets to observe the political process in action, as well as meet a lot of people.

“It’s a lot of door-opening opportunities,” she said.

But she still misses a few things in Texas, including her family, friends and food.
“I miss the steak dinners,” she said. “They do (have steak dinners in Washington, D.C.) They’re just not quite like Texas’.”

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