Nurse combines career and motherhood at FISD

As a school nurse, Kathy Balko has been with Frenship Independent School District for 12 full years, almost half of her career as a nurse.

FISD Director of Curriculum Linsae Snider said Balko has been the point person for setting up the flu shots, mammograms and other wellness programs for all of the schools.

But Balko, who is the school nurse at Frenship Middle School, is quick to point out that she merely delegates what comes across her desk.

“They come to me and give me dates of what they’d like to do,” said Balko. “We’re lucky enough to have a nurse at every campus.”

Balko started at FISD in 1996, after working 14 years in the hospital.

“I decided this way (being a school nurse) was a way for me to be a stay-at-home mom and have a job,” she said.

Being in the FISD system was great for her family, Balko said. Her sons, Regan, 18, and Collin, 17, are about to make another transition — Regan graduated in 2008, and Collin is a high school senior.

“I enjoyed it, they didn’t,” she said of her sons being in the same school system where she worked. “Even when they were at a different campus, they were distant, but not too far away. I usually knew they were in trouble before they did.”

As a school nurse, she said she has a fair amount of contact with students, and also does some teaching and presentations on things like the importance of hand-washing in classes.

As a former hospital nurse, Balko said over the years she has sometimes missed the pace.
But she said for the past year, she has been working about two weekends a month in a hospital to keep her skills up.

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