Noble’s social justice project sends message to all ages

Kate Noble

Kate Noble

“We are more than just beautiful.”

That was the message to women from Frenship High School senior Kate Noble’s social justice project for art competitions this spring.

Noble’s message was contained in a three-minute video in which footage of her as a young child was interspersed with several pictures she took of children aged 4 and younger wearing cosmetics and teens her own age wearing none.

Noble, 17, said she wanted to contrast the youngest girls looking silly wearing makeup, and show that women can be beautiful without it.

Although she wears light cosmetics herself, Noble said she has always tried to be as natural as possible. She would like people to understand that all women are beautiful, but they should not just focus on their own appearance.

“Women are powerful. We don’t need an outward appearance to be something,” she said.

The idea that appearance is not the sum total of what a woman has to offer has been in Noble’s mind for some time, she said. Since she had to put together the social justice project, she decided to express the idea in her project.

“I just thought it was a good time to do it,” she said.

The timing may have been just perfect. Her project was noticed at one of the spring art competitions and she has been invited to speak to young women at a seminar at West Texas A&M this weekend. She will show her photos and speak to the women about how women are not just beautiful.

Her parents, Tracey and Jason Noble, have been very supportive of her interest in art, Noble said.

“My parents have a lot of influence” with her ideas and aspirations, Noble said. “I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, so they’re not just investing in a hobby.”

Noble plans to study photography at Texas Tech next year.

She said she would like to stay in the Lubbock area, but would also like to accomplish things as a photographer someday, and that may mean leaving the area for a while.

“I’m going to be something really big someday,” she said.

Noble is the photo editor of the FHS yearbook, and will compete at a UIL yearbook competition this spring. She also won a Scholastic gold key and a gold award for her art project at VASE this year.

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