New Wolfforth Councilman MacNair wants more businesses in Wolfforth

One of Wolfforth’s two newest council members has an extensive background in the military, as well as almost a decade of purchasing experience with the city of Lubbock.

Bruce MacNair, who won his seat with the flip of a coin after being tied at 118 votes with Bryan Studer, was sworn in as a councilman in May.

MacNair said it was actually Studer’s idea to flip the coin, giving credit to his opponent for the money-saving idea.

The new council member said he is interested in getting more business in Wolfforth.

“I think we’ve got a great place,” MacNair said. “More business would give us a little better tax base.”

MacNair said he is interested in seeing some areas of Wolfforth cleaned up.

“I just love the little community we have,” he said.

After living in several large cities during his Army career, he hated big city traffic and crowds. In contrast, people in Wolfforth wave at each other, he said.

“It’s fun,” MacNair said.

His son, Connor, has been working toward earning Eagle Scout in Boy Scout Trop 575. MacNair’s involvement in his son’s troop inspired him to run for Wolfforth City Council.

While he was teaching the scouts they must become involved in their community and give back, he encouraged them to attend a council meeting to earn a badge.

He saw that the council needed people to run for election and decided he should live up to his advice.

John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech, which MacNair calls the “Ask Not” speech, inspired him as a youth, and he said he has spent his life in public service trying to live up to Kennedy’s admonition to seek to help the government, rather than seeking help from the government.

“Ever since then, I’ve felt like I had to give back,” he said.

MacNair grew up as an Army brat, moving from place to place. He was born in Denver, but also lived in Maryland, Japan, St. Louis and El Paso before his father moved the family to Lubbock to start teaching at the Texas Tech medical school.

“When I was a senior in high school, I told my dad I would never have anything to do with the military,” MacNair said. He graduated from high school in St. Louis. Two years later, he was standing beside his father in a recruiter’s office, signing up for the Army.

“I ended up spending more time in than he did,” MacNair said. He spent almost nine years as an enlisted officer before he got out and came to Lubbock to start school at Tech. During that time, he stayed in the reserves and was also an ROTC cadet. He was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1985, and finished his degree in fall of 1986.

During this time, he met his wife, Kathryn, who was teaching in her first position at Wheatley Elementary School in Lubbock. They married in 1988 and now have two children. Connor MacNair is a senior at Frenship High School, and Katy MacNair just graduated from McMurry University in Abilene.

He stayed in Lubbock until 1989, with part of that time on duty as the company commander and assistant adjutant at the 829th Station Hospital, but then he was transferred to Ft. Meade, Md. Over the next 12 years, he was transferred to Oakland, Calif., and Atlanta, where he and his family were thinking he would retire.

But after a trip to Lubbock for Christmas in 2000, they decided to move back to the Lubbock area.

“My wife had gotten a job teaching at Frenship over the phone,” MacNair said.

Kathryn MacNair is currently a teacher at Bennett Elementary School, he said.

The family moved to the Lubbock area and MacNair got a job with the city of Lubbock. He was a senior buyer until 2006, when he became the purchasing director.

He retired from the city in 2009 to become the church administrator at Westminster Presbyterian Church, where he met his wife in the 1980s.

MacNair said he and his wife initially put an earnest fee on a house in Lubbock after renting here for a few years. But they got cold feet and decided to wait, ultimately settling on a house in Wolfforth, which allowed their son to play baseball.

“It wasn’t our first choice, but it was the right choice,” MacNair said.

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