Networking: One story sometimes leads to another

It’s funny how often I go to interview someone for one story and get ideas for a completely different story.

On Wednesday, I went to watch Frenship High School students put on a skit to discourage bullying. Not so surprisingly, the drama teacher there, Drew Weesner, mentioned that we need to get together to talk about Frenship’s upcoming musical.

And just last week, I spoke with Michael Adams, who is an engineer with OJD Engineering. He provides engineering services to the city of Wolfforth, and I was interviewing him about the city’s efforts to clean up its water.

But Adams is also a new business owner. He and a childhood friend, also an engineer for OJD Engineering, have opened Wicked Beaver Brewery in Wolfforth. So in speaking to him about Wolfforth water, I also asked him about how the brewery is going. Now the brewery will be my biggest story this week.

Another irony is that Adams said he was having trouble with some of his brews. Through a lot of research and testing, he realized that copper and iron in Wolfforth’s water was ruining the beer. Apparently yeast doesn’t react well to those two metals, even in small amounts.

So Adams is not only up to his neck in Wolfforth water issues at his day job, but also in his beer-making, which he once told me seemed like a “hobby gone awry.”

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