NaeLynn Nelms helps without being asked

NaeLynn Nelms likes libraries because they are quiet and allow one to get more stuff done.

Librarians like Nelms because she helps out in the library without being asked.

“The first time I ever met her, she was back in the stacks. I was wondering what she was doing in there, but she had found some trash, and she was cleaning. It’s just her nature, to be that way,” said Frenship High School Librarian Dawn Smith.

Smith nominated Nelms as a student of the month, and introduced her to Frenship Independent School District board members when Nelms was named the freshman of the month earlier in December.

“She is an amazing kid. She comes in here every day and helps out,” Smith said. “She’s never been asked to do any of it, she just does it. She’s just got a kind heart, a gentle spirit. She cares about other people… She wants to make sure they get their things done and are in good standing.”

Nelms, 17, said she likes to read, especially anime books and her current read, “Twilight”, but she likes the quietness of the library the most.

“People really shouldn’t trash the library. It’s there for a good reason. I’d rather clean up the library, because the librarian shouldn’t have to pick up after us. They’re not our maids,” she said.

She helps special education students to negotiate the library regularly without being asked as well.

“They’re fun to be around. I make sure they have them (their books) in on time, make sure there’s no late fees,” she said. “They’re fun to be around, and whenever you’re sad, they just know how when to make you happy.”

Nelms hopes to be a pediatric nurse someday because she likes working with children – particularly babies. In her free time, she enjoys fixing up cars.

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