Mud can’t dull Wolfforth’s Harvest Festival

In some places, a little mud might ruin an outdoor event. But that’s just not the case in Wolfforth.

“We are not going to complain about rain — ever — in West Texas. We are going to make do,” Terri Robinette, president of the Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, said on Saturday morning after setting up for the Wolfforth Harvest Festival.

Vendors were supposed to be set up on the grass in front of the new Patterson Park pavilion for the Harvest Festival, but heavy rain the night before left some areas of the park pretty marshy.

Robinette said on Monday that in her first year as president, she would have panicked. But she has learned, something always goes awry.

“That morning, we were literally like, ‘What are we going to do?’ ” she said. Chamber officials and vendors worked together to set up in a gravel parking area beside the Wolfforth Community Center instead of the grass.

“Last-minute plans sometimes work OK,” Robinette said with a laugh. “Everybody was so easy to work with and very nice about it.”

Relocating the vendors, who were selling everything from turkey legs to wind chimes, worked well enough that Robinette said they might relocate there in the future.

“The vendors seemed to have a good day from everything we heard about,” Robinette said, noting that a food vendor sold out.

Robinette said Harvest Church had a booth at the Harvest Festival. When one church representative saw the mud in the park, he left and came back with plywood to cover up some of the worst spots, creating walking paths over the very slippery track surrounding Patterson Park.

For all the worries about the rain the night before, the weather was perfect for Harvest Festival, she said.

“It turned into a beautiful day, just a perfect day for that kind of outside event,” she said.

Lauren Ipock, who was handing out free cookies and water at a booth for Ministerios Nueva Vida, said they were really pleased with the turnout.

Wolfforth Police Officer Jackie De La Garza said there seemed to be more people present this year than for last year’s festival, calling it, “a pretty good turnout considering all the things going on.”

Robinette said she was excited about the turnout.

“We know we had a lot of competition with Tech’s game and other things going on,” she said.

Cindy Stephens, a past president of the Wolfforth chamber, said everyone comes out to the Harvest Festival each year and it’s always enjoyable.

Rick Suarez, who was selling wind chimes he made by hand, said this was the first Harvest Festival he has attended, but he has been setting up booths at various fairs in the Lubbock area for a decade.

“It’s pretty nice. There’s a lot of people here,” he said.

He and his family liked the location up around the Wolfforth Community Center.

“We get to see everything,” Elsa Suarez said as they watched Frenship High School choir members sing in the pavilion from their location slightly above the stage.

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