Monterey offers women’s Bible study

More than 100 women have started the new school year with a Bible study at Monterey Church of Christ.

“We call ourselves WOW, Women of Worship,” said Melissa Burns.

A new Bible study on video by Beth Moore is being shown to the women, who then discuss reading material and the video on Daniel.

“It’s basically about your lifestyle,” Burns said, adding that the study tries to distinguish between wants and needs. It also addresses being the person God has called one to be, she said.

Because the study on Daniel was done about five years ago by the WOW group, Burns said she expected to have a smaller group for the fall semester of Bible study classes.

“Right now we have 109 ladies. We’re truly blessed that our group just seems to keep growing,” Burns said. “This semester, probably at least a quarter of our ladies are new, not members of Monterey. And that’s what we’re all about.”

Burns said the Bible study is not just for Monterey women and anyone is welcome.

In addition to studying the Bible, the group will also do a service project, Burns said. Last year they made scarves for Lynette Koop, a missionary who works with women caught up in human trafficking. In another project, they put together 25 baskets of cooking supplies for families in the Family Promise of Lubbock program.

This semester, Koop will be coming to talk to the women about her mission work in Latvia, Burns said.

Callie Flores, a mother of three who attends WOW, said the Bible studies are “really cool.”

Because the women are all at different stages of their lives, ranging in ages from young mothers to grandmothers in their 80s, she said the discussions are very helpful. She said she gets a lot more out of the classes than she would reading about the same passages in the Bible from her home.

But she said it is also a great opportunity for her to get out of her house and fellowship. This is not a play date but time for her to spend time with God’s word, she said.

The second-best part of going to the WOW Bible study group is the food, Flores said.

“It’s great to eat something besides a sausage biscuit from the freezer. Awesome food, that’s probably my second-favorite part,” she said.

The WOW classes started last week and will run through Dec. 11. The classes meet at Monterey Church of Christ on Wednesdays from 9:30-11:45 a.m.

A shorter spring session will start in February.

Childcare is available for pre-school aged children and babies, Burns said.

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