Monterey Church of Christ to host Zoe church conference March 6-7

Leaders at Monterey Church of Christ hope the Zoe Church Leadership and Worship Conference will re-energize Christians in the area.

“I think it might give some of us a shot in the arm of encouragement, of taking time out to get our relationships right with God,” said Randa Lang, the office manager of Monterey.

The conference is called “Fearless: An Experience in Worship” and is supposed to help people live fearless lives as Christians, she said.

The first day of the conference, Friday, March 6, is geared for those in church leadership positions, such as church boards, elders or administrators. It will run 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The keynote speaker will be Scot McKnight, author of “Jesus Creed” and “The Blue Parakeet.”

The worship conference will start that night at 7 p.m., and will resume March 7 at 8:30 a.m. The conference will run all day Saturday. Keynote speakers will include Scot McKnight, Jeff Walling, Randy Harris, Mike Cope, Randy Gill and Larry Mudd.

The Zoe Group singers will lead the conference in worship during both days.

Classes will be available for both the church leadership and the worship conferences. Leadership classes will include worship planning, children’s ministry, church administration, small group ministry, spiritual growth, youth culture and sexuality, marriage and family, praise teams, missions in action and worship ministry.

Classes during the worship conference will include conflict management, church leadership, marriage and family, small groups, children’s ministry, prayer and spiritual growth, youth ministry, worship ministry, church planting, service and Centerpeace Ministries.

Children from infants to fifth grade will be able to participate in the Zoe Kids worship program, which will use the Power Lab.

“There’s a lot of hands-on experiments and centers” and Bible studies, said Lang. She said it will be a lot like a two-day Vacation Bible School for the children.

Lang said to sign up children for the Power Lab, parents will need to sign up by Sunday at the church so that supplies can be ordered. The fees for Power Lab will be $20 for Friday morning, $20 for Friday afternoon and $10 for the evening. On Saturday, fees will be $20 for the morning and $30 for the afternoon.

The Zoe “Fearless” conference is the same one that is presented in Nashville, Tenn. and in Fresno, Calif., Lang said. Because this area is a regional hub, she said more people have signed up to attend so far than for the conference in Fresno. This is the second Zoe conference that Monterey has hosted.

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