Millwee goes from prom queen to catering

Once upon a time, Jeremie (Field) Millwee was a Frenship High School prom queen, on the Homecoming Court, Miss FHS and Harvest Festival Queen.
But what she enjoyed most was playing basketball.

“I played basketball all through junior high, high school. I played summer leagues, junior leagues,” she said. “Basketball was my passion.”
The queenly honors were nice, she said.

“It’s very special, because it was things that you were voted on, and you know that you’re respected,” said Millwee. But she said she never took it as anything more.

“I was pretty shy in high school, too, to a certain degree, so things like that were very embarrassing to me,” she said.

Millwee, who was also a cheerleader, ran track and was on both student council and National Honor Society, went to Texas Tech after her 1995 graduation from FHS.

She spent her first year there as a chemical engineering major, but changed because she didn’t think her heart was in it.

“That first year, you don’t get to dive into the actual center of it. The front classes, it didn’t seem to be something I was really going to love,” said Millwee.

By chance, Millwee found a career. She majored in marketing, and thought she would find herself in a corporate job. Instead, she is now the director of catering for a private city club called the Petroleum Club of Houston.

“I am the event coordinator for private events such as wedding receptions, corporate events, wine dinners, trade shows, social dinners, pretty much any kind of food and beverage event that’s held here at the club,” she said.

When she was in college, Millwee said she didn’t even know there was such a career.

“I feel like in the past 10 years, the hospitality industry has blown up, in a good way,” she said.

And she found a career she really, really loves.

“There’s no way I could work the amount of hours that I do and not love it. And I choose to be here when it’s not 100 percent necessary,” she said. “When you work with someone for a year on an event, I find it necessary to be here to make sure it is executed the way I want it.”

She said being part of people’s most special moments, such as weddings or anniversary dinners, is very gratifying.

Millwee has thrown herself into her job, working six days a week and stating her only hobbies are spending time with family and friends. This year, she is the president of the Houston chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives.

Her future goals include accomplishing more in her career as well as having a family. She is married to Chris Millwee, whom she met during a summer she spent in Houston during her college years.

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