Mighty Wash to open second Frenship location

Mighty Wash got its start in Frenship and is adding another car wash to the area next month.

A new car wash is scheduled to open on West 19th Street between Frankford and Milwaukee avenues in August.

The original Mighty Wash opened at 82nd Street and Milwaukee Avenue in February 2012.

Mighty Wash has planned to open on the north side of Frenship for a while, but success has delayed that plan until now.

“The plan originally was to do the one on 19th Street soon after the first one,” Matt Riker, operations manager of the soon-to-be-opened location, said. “We bought that land probably right after we got the first one going.”

But opportunities arose for new locations in Odessa and Midland, as well as a lube shop near the original location at 82nd and Milwaukee.

“It kind of just plopped into our laps,” Riker said of the lube and tune shop. “We had to hold off on 19th Street just because we had so much going on.”

Jay Wyatt, the general manager of Mighty Wash carwashes, said the business initially located in the Frenship area because it is a growth area.

“It’s difficult to find property in Lubbock in areas that you want to locate, because properties are expensive,” Wyatt said. He said the company hoped that in a growth area, it wouldn’t cost so much to start up and housing would build up around the businesses.

Wyatt said he was also personally invested in Frenship, since his son went to school there.

The newest location will reuse about 60 percent of its water, treating the dirty water with an ozone generator to eliminate the smell of dirty car water, which Riker described as pretty bad.

At the start of the tunnel, the first water to hit a vehicle will use reclaimed water at about 1,200 pounds per square inch to rinse bugs and oil from the car. At the end of the tunnel, soft water that has been run through reverse osmosis treatment will be used for a final rinse to ensure that hard water spots aren’t left on cars, Riker said.

Mighty Wash also uses foam bristles rather than a brush; Riker said this keeps dirt from smearing over and possibly scratching the paint. Wraps that allow for what he calls “360-degree cleaning” around the sides, the front and the back and over the top are all cushioned by air pressure rather than spring-loaded, which he said can cause damage to vehicles.

Customers may also appreciate the hot carnauba wax Mighty Wash will be adding to the lineup at its new location, Riker said. The new car wash will also be offering a buff machine and detailing.

“This will be our first time to get into the detail deal,” Riker said, but he said Mighty Wash employees were often asked about an intense inside and out cleaning. “Anytime our customers ask for something, we do our best to accommodate.”

Since Mighty Wash is offering services like the buffing and detailing, a lobby with wi-fi, coffee and cable television will be available to customers. Riker said they hope people can drop off their vehicle to be cleaned and enjoy the wait in the lobby.

Les Soliz, the detail manager at Mighty Wash, said detailers are “picky people,” making sure carpets are clean even under the seats.

“Pretty much every nook and cranny, we detail,” Soliz said. “We want to make sure that the entire vehicle is clean.”

Because the new Mighty Wash is located next to Bolton’s, it will offer $1 off on the cheapest car washes to Bolton gas customers.

Like any new business, Mighty Wash has had challenges. One such challenge, Riker said, is many people confused its logo of a scrub brush with a peanut. He said many parents have children that beg to go through the peanut wash.

Mighty Wash has had its logo re-worked to show more of a side angle of the brush bristles in hopes that it won’t be mistaken for a peanut any longer, Riker said.

Soon after the location at 19th Street is opened, Riker said Mighty Wash plans to add a third Lubbock location at 50th Street and Utica Drive.

“We’re hoping to break ground by September or October,” Riker said. “It takes about six months (for construction) so we’re looking at spring of next year, probably March or April.”

Wyatt said Mighty Wash is not through growing, with additional locations being scouted out in Odessa and Dallas.

“But Lubbock is our central location and will always be home to us,” Wyatt said.

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