Maci McCabe’s sheep place at Panhandle-South Plains Fair

Maci McCabe’s sheep have been on a winning streak.

The Frenship High School junior showed sheep that won awards at the recent Panhandle-South Plains Fair and the Texas State Fair in September.

How long have you been raising and showing sheep?

“I started in fourth grade, so that’s seven years.”

How many sheep do you have?

“Right now, we have a bunch. I don’t even know.”

How did you do at the Panhandle-South Plains Fair?

“I had a first place, a second place and a fourth place, and I was reserve champion medium wool, and I was reserve champion of the whole show.”

After the South Plains Fair, you went to the State Fair. How did you do there?

“I took one medium wool sheep, and I was first place in my class.”

Is there a lot of time  involvement in showing sheep?

“A lot, a lot. We feed every morning and every night. We have to work with them and get them so they can sit up and walk and lead so they’ll do good in the show ring. And before shows is a lot of work because you have to wash it and shear it and get it at its right weight and make sure it doesn’t crash. You want them to stay fresh the whole time.”

Was it the same sheep as the one that won reserve grand champion at the South Plains Fair?

“No, ma’am, it was a different one. The one that I won with at the state fair was second place at the South Plains Fair.”

What is next?

“The one that we took to Dallas, to the state fair, it made the sale… But we still have the ones that we took to the state fair, excluding that one, and we’ll take them to the shows in Houston, San Antonio and San Angelo.”

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