Lubbock area day cares combine forces to teach kids about Olympics

About 500 elementary school-age children will be learning about being good sports and the Olympic games Friday.

Seven Lubbock-area day cares, all members of the West Texas Childcare Association, will have school-age children competing at a Frenship elementary playground on Friday.

Games will range from kickball to obstacle courses to a Cinderella race, in which the participants will throw one of their shoes into a pile and later race to see who can find theirs first.

And of course, there will be water games, including the chance to dunk certain day care leaders in a dunk tank.

Erin Gaydon, assistant director of Doodle Bug Square, said she believes taking part in a mini-Olympics is an educational opportunity for children on their summer break. At Doodle Bug, she said students have been learning about the Olympics and participating in themed activities all summer.

“Also, learning to be a good sport is always a good thing for kids to learn at this age,” Gaydon said.

None of the day cares will be keeping score of how many events each school wins, she said.

Jill Wines, owner of Wee Care, said it is an opportunity to bring the day cares together. The day cares in the West Texas Childcare Association work on common needs and formed their group in order to brainstorm solutions to common problems, she said. But the competition is a way to get the children together for fun.

“We felt the Olympics would be important since it’s going on right now,” Wines said.

Other day cares participating in the event are Lil’ Haden’s, Kidz Kare, Broad Horizon, My Little Playhouse and Children’s World.

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