Longtime Frenship teachers receive honors


The Seventh Annual Recognition and Awards Banquet: A tribute to Our Personnel recognized teachers and staff in the Frenship School District for their longtime and exceptional work at the McInturff Center in the University Medical Center.

Service recognition

25 years: Frenship High School, Karen Newsom; Frenship Middle School,Linda Whitson; Crestview Elementary, Dawn Conoly and Betty Sims; and North Ridge Elementary,Nancy Burnett and Regina Snowden; and administration, Juanita Williamson.

20 years: Frenship High School, Janet Flusche; Reese Education Center: Scherry Scarborough; Frenship Middle School, Stephanie Robertson; Terra Vista Middle School, Leann Branham; Bennett Elementary, Mikella Windom
Crestview Elementary, Carolyn Taylor; North Ridge Elementary, Judy Babbs; Westwind Elementary, Valerie Addington, Ramona Alvarado, Sandra Partain and Susanne Wampler; and custodial and maintenance, Alvin Albert and Steve Gonzalez.
15 years: Frenship High School, Nan Standefer and Cathy Hodges;
Frenship Middle School, Juno Bishop, Maurine Bray, Becky Price, Wanda Randolph, Barbara Roberts and Betty Spain; Terra Vista Middle School, Sherry Meloy;
Bennett Elementary, Vicki Ward; Crestview Elementary, Kathye Osborne; North Ridge Elementary, Jenny Abbott and Robin Lawrence; and Westwind Elementary, Glinda Hagood.
10 years: Frenship High School, Gerry Arranaga, Susan Berry, Cindy Cooksey, Calvin Korab, Tom SoRelle and Leasa Thomas. Frenship Middle School, Jerry Jerabek; Bennett Elementary, Margarita Avila, Darla Clayton, Amy George, Kay Hutcheson and Charlotte Rasco; Crestview Elementary, Beth McNeill and Karon Pettiet; North Ridge Elementary,Teresa Bass, Sasha Bennett, Janie Coggins and Carole Kidd; Westwind Elementary, Laura Buchanan and Louis Garza; and custodial and maintenance, Sally Delarosa, Alex Diaz, Miguel Medina and Mike Pendergrass.
Five years: Frenship High School, Hilda Guajardo, Julie Heinrich, Haley Hutchinson, Jennifer McCully, Cindy Miller, Andy Penney, Jerrod Pickering, Elisha Reese, Elizabeth Sanercox, Dale Schaffner and Krista Scott; Reese Education Center, Christine Teaff; Frenship Middle School, Shayne Bowen, Toni Gafford, Landy Perkins, Clinton Scitern; Terra Vista Middle School, Cindy Anderson, Emily McNeese, Bennett Elementary, Daylene Koch, Rhonda Dillard, Sherry Rowan; Crestview Elementary, Jared Kitchens, Christi Salyer, Rhonda Vanderburg; North Ridge Elementary, Susan Hardage, Pam Lloyd, Chris Oglesby, Dora Hernandez; Westwind Elementary, Mitzie Alexander, Judy Corbin, Beth Epps, Jana Taylor, Charlene Winters; Willow Bend Elementary, Beth Simmons; maintenance and custodial, Alfredo Perales and Bob Williams; and administration, Mary Ann Loveless; Beth Speer and Michelle Taylor.

Paraprofessionals, teachers of the year

Teachers of the Year: Elisha Reese, Frenship High School, BCIS I; Chrystal Holley, Reese Education Center, English; Lee Ann Dean, Frenship Middle School, eighth-grade science; Donna Walker, Terra Vista Middle School, sixth-grade reading; Jill Boerfert, Bennett Elementary, third grade; Rhonda Vanderburg, Crestview Elementary, third grade; Susan Hardage, North Ridge Elementary, fifth grade, Mitzie Alexander, Westwind Elementary, fourth grade; and Shelly Bowman, Willow Bend Elementary, third grade. Paraprofessionals of the Year: Mary Ann Smith, Frenship High School, library assistant; Penney Thorne, Reese Education Center, teacher assistant; Becky Price, Frenship Middle School, life skills assistant; Nancy Griffin, Terra Vista Middle School, workroom assistant; DeRetha Rock, Bennett Elementary, SAIL assistant; Lupe Villarreal, Crestview Elementary, workroom assistant; Joyce Beard, North Ridge Elementary, secretary; Pam Jester, Westwind Elementary, workroom assistant; Brandi Brookshire, Willow Bend Elementary, PK-K assistant; and Darla Bedwell, business services travel coordinator.


Judy Allen, Frenship Middle School sixth-grade English teacher; Janet Barber, Bennett Elementary School SAIL Reading (Retired in January); Evelyn Boyd, physical education and health Frenship High School; Maureen Bray, educational diagnostician, Frenship Middle School and Reese Education Center; Glenda Combs Williams, Frenship Middle School, seventh-grade reading; Jean Gillit, Willow Bend secretary (retired in January); Teresa Janssen, Frenship High School biology and AP biology; Ray Lashaway Frenship High School and Frenship Middle School band director; Bill Nelson, Frenship ISD maintenance; Kathye Osborne, Crestview third grade teacher; Annice Meeker, Bennett secretary; Barbara Rich, Bennet and Crestview school nurse; Mahota Richey, North Ridge counselor; Kaye Turner, Frenship High School teaching assistant.

They said it

“Thirty-two years. It’s amazing she put up with me that long,” said John Thomas, superintendent of Frenship schools on his wife Leasa. They were celebrating their 32nd anniversary during the banquet.

“Amen,” said Kim Spicer, principal of Frenship High School after Thomas remarked about his anniversary.

“He even makes Sonic runs for anyone,” said Thomas, who was reading a statement on Lupe Villarreal, who was Crestview Elementary’s Paraprofessional of the Year.

“This is just a small sample of the great teachers we’ve got,” said Thomas after introducing the campus Teachers of the Year.

“If you name a Frenship campus, Maurine’s probably worked there,” said Jerry Jerabek, Fresnhip Middle School’s principal, during his remarks about Frenship Middle School diagnostician Maurine Bray, who retired after 21 years in education.

“If you don’t know Glenda well, she does a little Tina Turner,” said Jerabek in his remarks about Frenship Middle School teacher Glenda Combs-Williams, who retired after 35 years in education, after a Powerpoint picture showed the musical side of Williams.

“She told me teaching dogs is much like teaching freshman,” said Kim Spicer, Frenship High School’s principal during her remarks about high school biology teacher Teresa Janssen, who retires after 22 years in education. Janssen trains dogs for agility trials and has had one national champion.

“It’s easier,” replied Janssen.

“Barb, we are going to miss you,” said Rhonda Pierce, Bennett Elementary principal to Barbara Rich, a nurse who retires after 27 years working at the school.

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