Local photographers open their home as gallery

Mae and Rodney Wertz are the owners of Adasa Photography. They recently opened their home up as a gallery to show their work. (Photo by Sara Ortega)She came from Lebanon. He came from Lebanon as well — Lebanon, Oregon. Together Rodney and Mae Wertz are the photographers who own Adasa Photographic Art. While their pictures are currently available online, they recently opened their home as a gallery, which they fondly call The Wertz Gallery in Town. Mae Wertz talked about their start in photography and moving to West Texas.

What type of photography do you do?

“We started out doing landscape photography of the southwest. At my shows, especially here in Lubbock, people would ask, ‘Where is Lubbock in all of this?’ I started out real early to photograph Lubbock and my last stop was Texas Tech, and that was the beginning of photographing Lubbock. We also take pictures of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Our photography is done on art workshops with a guide who takes us from one point of interest to another. That’s how we’ve been able to accumulate such a large collection in a short time.”

How did you get started in photography?

“I was working for Academic Publications at Loma Linda University in California and there was a need for photographs to go into the bulletins of the university, of campus life, and we rewrote the philosophy every year so we wanted a new picture of landscape to go with the philosophy. I ended up taking the pictures. We started out with black and white and with the help of my husband, he bought dark room equipment, and cameras. We rolled our own film, took the pictures and developed them in our dark room in one of our bathrooms. That was in the early ’80s. All of a sudden it was my responsibility to take pictures. Needless to say, I took classes and improved over the years.”

How did you come up with the name Adasa Photographic Art?

“Adasa means lens, in the Semitic languages. Since we are photographing our perspective, and I have the lens in my eye and the lens in my camera, I thought the word lens would be appropriate.”

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