Lisa Troupe, FHS class of ’89 looking for 68 students for July reunion.

Lisa Johnson Troupe only lived in Lubbock for about five years, but she’s excited about returning in July for her 20th reunion with other members of the Frenship High School class of 1989.

Albuquerque, Hawaii and Holland were among Troupe’s previous homes as the daughter of an Air Force airman.

“I actually liked everywhere I lived. My parents kind of had the attitude that you just gotta like where you live — get used to it,” she said. “But Lubbock was a big change.”

For a year after graduation, Troupe worked as a day care supervisor. But then she packed up her suitcases again after she married her husband, Paul Troupe, who, like her father, was in the Air Force. The couple moved to England.

“I was really excited about moving back to Europe,” said Troupe. “We were there for four years.”

When Paul retired from the Air Force, they landed in Indiana.

Troupe said she regrets that her three sons, Kyle, 12, Samuel, 8, and Arron, 3, do not have the opportunities to travel that she had as the daughter of a serviceman.

“I got to see the Berlin Wall before it fell; Paris, London. We traveled all over Europe, Austria, Switzerland,” she said. The family has plans to take a trip to Europe in a few years, and also takes road trips at every opportunity.

“They’re not going to remember expensive pictures and things in their house, but they’re going to remember trips we took. To me, that’s what life’s all about: experiences,” she said.

Troupe said she also hopes to attend college once her youngest son is in kindergarten. She has tried several occupations over the years, including nurse’s aide, children’s writer and eye technician.

The Troupe family is planning a trip to Florida this summer, as well as a trip to Lubbock for Troupe’s 20th reunion scheduled for July 17-18. Troupe has set up an informational site for classmates at

“I was wanting to get something done for the reunion, and I kept asking around if anyone knew how to do a Web site. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m sitting here in Indiana. I could set up a blog, it’s free,’ ” she said.

Many classmates have made contact through the blog and through Facebook, a social networking utility. Troupe said of the 165 grads in the class of 1989, 68 have lost touch.

Keeping up with old classmates over the years has become easier through the Internet, Troupe said.

She said it doesn’t feel like it could possibly have been 20 years since high school.

“It’s funny, you talk to your old friends, and it’s just like you’re 18,” she said.

The deadline for entry fees for the reunion is May 1, while classmates can register later with a late fee. For more information, check the class blog.

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