Late-night ballplayers prompt resident to seek change in park rule

The kids in Frenship Mesa Park after midnight aren’t necessarily mischievious, a resident told the Wolfforth City Council Monday.

They’re just playing basketball, Tiger Street resident Shane Beilue said. Right behind his house. Sometimes until 1:30 a.m.

“Since May, it’s been three to five times a week,” said Beilue, adding that his family is having a hard time sleeping.

Beilue asked the council to consider a change in the parks ordinance, closing Frenship Mesa Park by 10 p.m. Neighbors in the area back the idea, he said.

But city officials said changing the ordinance would affect all parks, and would take a while to accomplish because the city would have to hold public hearings and advertise the changes.

By the time the process is complete, school will be back in session, they said, and the problem may already be solved.

Instead, the city officials suggested posting signs in the park stating the park is closed at 10 p.m.

The downside of posting signs without an ordinance change is police will have no way to enforce the rule, Wolfforth Police Chief Rick Scott said.

“We thought short-term … we’re going to try this first,” said City Secretary Debbie Youngblood.

Doug Hutcheson, director of public works, said he has ordered the signs already.

“I ordered three. I figured graffiti would get one or two, and we’d have one left,” said Hutcheson.

The council voted unanimously to support posting signs.

The council also voted unanimously to appoint James Vardy as the mayor pro tem of Wolfforth.

Dan Newberry, the city’s previous mayor pro tem, resigned from the council in June. The council hopes to honor him at a meeting in August.

Council members also voted:

w To change the number of signatures on city checks to just one;

w On a resolution commenting on the 911 district budget; and

w To participate in the National Prayer Day in May.

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