Kyle Smart passes baseball knowledge to Western players

Kyle Smart plays baseball for Wayland Baptist University, but his talents extend beyond the collegiate diamond.

Smart spends his summers volunteering for the Western Youth Baseball all-star team.

“I played at Monterey High School and Coach (Mike) Sanders was one of my coaches,” said Smart, “Last year he came to me asking if I would come out and throw to the kids. I told him I would and ever since that day I just kept going.”

Kyle Smart

Currently: Plays baseball at Wayland Baptist University.
Position: Third base and middle infield.
Favorite Baseball team: New York Yankees.
Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with friends.
Favorite Food: Mexican Food.
Favorite Music: Rap.

Smart attends practice each week where he throws batting practice for the players.

He said he enjoyed the experience of making it to the Little League World Series last season.

“Being around the kids that love the game and have fun playing it will always make the game fun,” said Smart. “When the kids point out a goal and take it one game at a time and they really go after that goal, it is amazing.”

This season is not much different.

Smart continues to make practices and help with defense and offense.

“I look at all the kids as my younger brothers,” said Smart. “I still see quite a few of them. These kids work hard. They have a good attitude and a good work ethic. I believe they deserve the help.”

Smart said he will continue helping for as long as they need him.

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