Kindergarteners share what Santa’s all about

What do children really think of the tales of Santa Claus? And when there’s not a lot of information, what do they piece together to figure out how the magic works?

Six kindergarten students from Oak Ridge Elementary School gave their opinions on how the reindeer fly and what they eat; on how many cookies Santa can possibly eat and even whether he should; and on whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year. (Not one admitted to the possibility of being on the naughty list — do 6-year-olds know better than to have incriminating evidence in publication?)

Brent Postar said elves make toys, but he’s not sure if they eat or what they would if they do. Brent said it only takes one minute for Santa to pack his entire bag for delivery before Christmas, and that his reindeer fly with magic flying hooves.

“And they eat reindeer food,” Brent volunteered.

While he said he was definitely on Santa’s nice list, he admitted that he got in trouble just Tuesday morning for fighting with his brothers.

For Christmas, Brent would really like to get some hiking boots and Star Wars Legos.

Reagan Whipkey said reindeer use fairy dust to get up in the air, given to them by fairies. Santa’s reindeer eat seeds, she said.

Reagan was firm about her inclusion on Santa’s nice list, and said she hasn’t been up to any naughtiness the entire year.

One nice thing she did, she said, was helping to make a little snowflake.

For Christmas, Reagan would like a Pillow Pet.

Elena Noyola said elves eat carrots.

Santa’s belly can hold just two cookies, she said, the same amount that she can eat. Elena said she leaves chocolate chip cookies out for him each year.

Elena is sure she is on the nice list — she said one thing she has done to merit a spot on the list is to help clean up. Conversely, she said failing to clean up is also the one naughty thing she has done this year.

Dalton Postar said Santa’s tummy can hold three or four cookies, but said his own tummy holds at least four. Reindeer fly through the sky using magic fairy dust, he said.

Dalton is certain: he’s on the nice list. One nice thing he does is to help his dad, he said. Like his brother, Brent, Dalton said his naughty acts are chiefly fighting with his brothers.

One thing he’d really like for Christmas this year is a giganta dump truck, Dalton said.

Jake Jackson said reindeer fly with magic bells around their necks.

Elves, he said, eat cookies, while reindeer eat reindeer food.

Santa is able to eat two cookies, Jake said, while he is only able to eat one usually.

Jake is on the nice list, he said, and he probably got bonus points when he gave his juice box to a friend who did not have one.

For Christmas, he would like a snow cone machine.

Samuel Woods Johnson said elves eat doughnuts, but reindeer eat reindeer food. Reindeer don’t need magic or rocket propulsion or fairy dust to fly, according to Samuel. They are simply able to do it.

Samuel does not hold with these traditional notions of leaving a treat for Santa on Christmas Eve.

“I don’t want him to get busy eating cookies. I want him to get my presents done. Because I don’t want him to take forever.”

The nice list is where Samuel is sure he’ll belong. He’s helped his sister clean up her room, and insists he has not been up to any naughtiness over the past year.

For Christmas, he would like a fighting hampster.

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