Kiker crowned queen of Wolfforth Harvest Festival

She raises steers, rides cutting horses, enjoys science classes and loves bacteria.

Meet Kimber Kiker, the Wolfforth Harvest Festival queen.

Kimber, a senior at Frenship High School, is the first to admit that being a queen is new territory for her. Although it was exciting for her, she said it was “completely out of the box” for her normal interests.

“I was pretty shocked. I think it was because it’s so out of my thing,” Kimber said.

When she was about 5, she took twirling lessons, and remembers dragging her baton through an entire parade, mortified that so many eyes were upon her. That was the end of her twirling career.

Over the last several years, Kimber has learned a lot through ag leadership experience. Being Harvest Festival queen is not just about the tiara; it also comes with a scholarship from the Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

Because she is accustomed to speaking in public from her ag classes, she thought she could handle the interview for the spot. She was a bit worried about being in the parade.

“I thought, ‘I could be in a parade, in a dress, for $500,’” Kimber said. “I just put my whole heart into it and ended up winning.”

It also helped that she rode the Wolfforth fire truck with all of the other queen candidates, she said.

While still in Patterson Park with her family Saturday after being named Harvest Festival queen, she said she felt the urge to remove the crown and stop the stares.

But when she got home, she said she felt like she could have worn it a little longer.

“I was like, ‘Mom, this isn’t even a fake crown!’ ” Kimber said. “I have tons of plastic ones. This one’s not even plastic.”

As a senior, she is considering what she wants to study next fall when she starts college. There are many options that she says are appealing, and one she is considering is agriculture education.

She is also very interested in food science, and has entered agriscience fairs for the past two years dealing with antibiotic resistance, hence her love for bacteria.

“Kimber Kiker’s work ethic in and out of school is impressive,” Julie Pratt, FHS counselor, said. “She is a student with a strong foundation in Christianity, family values, academics and leadership.”

Kimber is active in FFA, in which she is on the leadership and career development teams. She also does horse judging in the spring, and has raised steers since third grade.

“Last year, I raised a steer that weighed 1,635” pounds, she said. “He could do anything to me, but he loved me enough that he didn’t.”

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