Heritage is name chosen by group for newest Frenship middle school

Heritage Middle School was the name chosen for the Frenship Independent School District’s newest school at a meeting of the Frenship board of trustees Monday night.

The board approved Greg Hernandez, currently an assistant principal at Frenship High School, as the new principal of Heritage Middle School. The school is scheduled to open for the 2011-12 school year.

Andy Penney, the district’s director of public relations, introduced Hernandez as the new principal shortly before asking the board to approve the school’s name.

“Now that we have a principal for our new middle school, we thought it would be appropriate to give it a new name,” said Penney. He said a committee was formed to choose a name, and some fifth-grade students at Crestview Elementary School were asked for their input. One student proposed that the school be named Foster Middle School, after one of the four communities that consolidated into the Frenship district 75 years ago. The other community schools were Carlisle, Hurlwood and Wolfforth.

The name was seriously considered by the committee, Penney said, because Frenship values its heritage. And that’s when he said they decided instead to name the new school Heritage.

“Heritage is a word we liked,” he said.

Board members also heard about possible new attendance zones for middle schools from Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services Michelle McCord, but took no action on that item.

McCord said the current middle schools are designed to hold about 950 students, and currently have 863 students at Frenship Middle School and 799 at Terra Vista Middle School. She presented three scenarios for how to split the attendance zones. The one the district staff believes is most viable is a proximity-based split, as opposed to sending students to a school based on where they went to elementary school. By 2016, the schools will have estimated student populations of 640 students at Heritage, 520 at FMS and 540 at TVMS.

The proximity-based zone would allow the district to have balanced enrollment in 2016, would put off the need to realign school zones in the future, would ensure that neighbors would be less likely to be separated by school zones and that most students would attend the school closest to them, McCord told the school board.

Under the proximity-based zone split, students residing north of 34th Street east to Upland Avenue and north of 19th Street east to Frankford Avenue would go to Terra Vista. Students south of 34th Street and west of Upland Avenue, as well as all students south of 98th Street and west of Milwaukee Avenue along the Lubbock-Cooper line, would go to FMS. Students residing south of 19th Street, east of Upland Avenue and north of 98th Street would attend Heritage. Frankford Avenue forms the eastern boundary of much the Frenship district until 98th Street, where the boundary heads west to Milwaukee Avenue, then south to 114th Street before heading west to Upland Avenue.

The district will inform parents about the possible new attendance zones at meetings on Oct. 7 at Frenship Middle School and Oct. 14 at Terra Vista Middle School.

McCord said the administration will ask the board to consider allowing students who will be eighth-graders in 2011-12 to stay at their current schools, but will not allow the option to consider siblings.

The board is not expected to take action on attendance zones for middle schools until its January meeting.

McCord said information about the new attendance zones is already on the district’s website at www.frenship.us.

Board members also approved a resolution to take part in training with the Center for Reform of School Systems.

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