Hendon stays active through classic car clubs

Dayle Hendon stands next to his 1947 Ford. Hendon is a member of the Nifty Fifties Car Club and the Hub City Cruzers. (Photo by Jennifer Adkins)When walking up to Dayle Hendon’s house, you notice two things — a red 1947 Ford and a blue 1951 Ford.

At 69, Hendon has owned many classic cars in his life. The plaques and trophies along one wall are all from car shows, he said.

“I think I go to probably 10 or 12 (shows) every year if I can go to them,” he said. “Gas has gotten so high this year, I may be limited to what I go to.”

Hendon graduated eighth grade at Frenship ISD and attended Frenship High School off and on from 1951 until the spring of 1957.

“Mother and dad, when we were kids, moved around quite a lot,” he said. “We didn’t stay in one place very long.”

Hendon graduated high school in Weatherford, where he met his wife, Bettylou. But when the Frenship 50th class reunion recently came around, he went to it.

“I got a kick out of it,” he said.

Dayle Hendon

Age: 69.
Family: Was married to his wife, Bettylou, for almost 40 years before she died 10 years ago; two sons, Travis and Justin; one daughter, Glynnis; five grandchildren.
Hobbies: Involved with the Nifty Fifties Car Club and the Hub City Cruzers.
A car you’d like to own: A 1939 Chevrolet. “That’s the year I was born and I’ve always wanted one,” said Hendon.

Hendon said he got married about six weeks before he graduated high school. After graduation, he worked for furniture and appliance stores, then did machine work at Simmons Pump until his retirement.

Hendon has been involved with the Nifty Fifties Car Club for nine or 10 years.

“It was something to do on Friday nights,” he said. “We’d get together every Friday night somewhere and it was something to do with them … It’s something to do for Friday night besides sitting around here watching TV.”

He also has been with the Hub City Cruzers since about 1995, he said.

Hendon said his love for  classic cars came from his father.

“My dad, he junked cars and he did a lot of mechanic work,” he said. “These are not the first old cars I’ve owned. I’ve had several. It’s just something I guess was in my blood.”

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