Have fun, learn music at any age; book your personalized birthday party today!

JOYFUL NOISE! – Joyful Noise Music Studio is the perfect place to learn any instrument or vocal instruction no matter what your age!

Taking a stroll through Joyful Noise Music Studio, you might find mommies and babies swinging or bouncing in fun activities, toddlers giggling as they play in their class, preschoolers singing and moving or counting rhythms, and school-age students playing instruments together as a group.

You might also see excitement on the faces of private students who just received a reward for performing so well in their lesson, a high school student preparing for a position in an All-State band, orchestra or choir, or maybe a retired adult learning to play an instrument they had always wanted to learn, but just never had the time.

Joyful Noise Music Studio is the perfect place to learn any instrument or vocal instruction no matter what your age! The youngest student at Joyful Noise is 5 weeks and the oldest is in their 70’s!

Gail Smith and her daughters, Ashley Becton and Monica Vandiver, own the studio and take pride in hiring very educated, professional teachers who encourage the students in a positive way. They also specialize in young children’s music classes and Kindermusik. Along with private music lessons and classes for young children, Joyful Noise offers group classes in guitar, violin, and voice, as well as praise teams and drum classes. Parents may even sign up to bring their children to a play group! You may enroll in lessons or classes at any time, but now is the perfect time to enroll for summer classes!

Being a professional musician and having accomplished many awards on flute, Gail knows the value of music in a person’s life. Learning music helps us in all aspects of life. Throughout the young children classes, the students learn so many development skills that make them better at sports, academics and socially getting along with others. Private students learn discipline that will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Joyful Noise now offers the most unique birthday parties in Lubbock! They are specialized for the birthday child and led by a director throughout the event with games and activities, as well as unique gift opening fun!

To schedule your party or sign up for lessons, call 806-792-9300 or come by 6803 Indiana Ave. You may also visit them at www.joyfulmusiclubbock.com. No one should ever feel intimidated by learning music. The belief at Joyful Noise is, “Just make a joyful noise to the Lord and He will bless it!”

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