Gross gets Harvest Festival parade on the road

Floats, queens and horses showed up for the Wolfforth Harvest Festival Parade Saturday, but the parade coordinator was delayed. One man stepped up to get the parade on the road.

City Councilman Randy Gross said he does not have a lot of experience with parade organization.

“I’ve never had to put the parade together, thank goodness,” he said. “I just helped line it up. The hard part was done, registering the entrants.”

The parade kicks off the entire festival. This year it started at Casey Professional Building and led to the festival at Patterson Park.

Wolfforth Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture member Debbie Youngblood said Gross “saved our bacon” when he stepped up and coordinated the parade when the volunteer for that position did not show up.

“He took it upon himself to make sure it happened,” she said. “The parade would not have happened if it were not for Randy Gross.”

Randy Gross

Wife: Joan
Profession: Dirt contractor
High School: Coronado High

Gross has a history of being involved in the community. During his three year tenure with the Wolfforth Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, he was actively involved with all aspects of the Harvest Festival. He is chair of the Wolfforth Community Development Corp. He just completed his seventh year on the city council, first completing six years before taking two years off. Now he has completed the first year of a new term.

Gross was also active in getting the Frenship Mesa Park built, which was dedicated earlier this month.

“Now that the park’s finished… that part of my time should be freed up,” he said.

Gross said he has become involved in so many organizations because he has an interest in all of them and because he has lived in Wolfforth for 25 years.

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