Green organizes Live Oak Church mission trip

Robyn Green doesn’t really know a lot about staining floors. Her construction skills aren’t her greatest strength.

But Green, 27, of Lubbock, does stand out because of her strong organizational skills as a volunteer with Live Oak Community Church, located at 10710 Frankford Ave.

This past summer, she organized a mission project to Piedras Negras, Mexico, where Live Oak Community Church has been working with a mission church for more than 10 years. Volunteers from Live Oak hosted a Vacation Bible School for more than 100 children each day and also worked on construction projects around the mission.

“They’re trying to build an auditorium, so this year, we finished the floor of the auditorium, and then we painted some,” said Green.

While Green said she can’t stain floors, she can organize the details of such a trip to make sure someone who can is able to go and has everything he or she needs there.

“That’s what I do, and it’s what I enjoy doing, so it works out well,” she said.

Robyn Green

Age: 27.
Church attended: Live Oak Community Church.
Work: Chemistry teacher at Lubbock Cooper High School.

For this year’s trip, she had to make sure every member of the mission crew had birth certificates and driver’s licenses necessary to get back into the United States. Next year, with changing border security laws, a passport will be required to travel to Mexico, she said.

“I think it will simply involve more organization,” said Green.

To go on a youth trip on spring break next year, she said she is already starting to organize the volunteer effort so that everyone will have a passport in time to make the trip.

Green’s talents are useful in other areas at the church and in the Frenship Community.

In March, the church did a makeover of Mission Lubbock, which provides food, clothing and household items for those in need.

“They were overwhelmed with donations,” said Green. “As a churchwide mission project, we did a makeover, essentially, of their storage areas and where they have everything out for people to get.”

While church members spent five days at Mission Lubbock, Green said as a member of the organizational team, her work started in November to plan the project. Now she goes in once a month to help organize clothes.

Green, who is a chemistry teacher at Lubbock Cooper High School, has been involved with Live Oak Community Church about five years. She came to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech and just stayed when she found a job after graduation, she said.

While she works with high school students during the week, she also works with preschool children on Sunday mornings.

“I like, on Sunday mornings, getting to be with the little ones, because all week long, I’m with the big ones,” said Green. “I really do enjoy getting to do it once a week.”

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